Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Melawat Studio Wandet

Posted by kay kamal at 7:15 PM

Bagi kami yg tggal di Shah Alam mahupun Bukit Mahkota (Luqman duk situ), nak sampai Stesen LRT/ Rapid KL Cempaka bukanlah perkara mudah. Tapi kami gagahi jua demi mendapatkan videographer yang mana lah tau menjadi pilihan hati kami. Last 6 weeks sudahpon jumpe another one. Janji2 nak bg quotation, last skali hampagas. Fine, u busy..I am jugak. Tlg always igt I ni customer u. U busy cmne pon I yg akan isi periuk nasik u,kan?*ter-emo pulak disini..sorry2*

So atas sebab mereka buat janji yang tggal janji. I decided to seek for (maybe) greener pastures. Maka beralih la tumpuan pada Wandet Entertainment. I tau ni pon pasal I bace kat blog Yongnana. Ye la, encik Wandet tu ayahandanye.

Sampai je LRT Cempaka, seminit kemudian tibalah sebuah 4WD menjemput kami berdua. Lah aih~ dekat jalan kaki je 5 mins if jln ngn bersungguh-sungguh la. Studio dia is in one of the shoplots. The tingkat atas. Masuk2 nampak banyak desktops, alat2 mengedit dan yang sewaktu dgnnye. Studio is small tp memorabilia nye banyak. DVDs of previous work are proudly displayed. Latest from Jan 2010. Earliest (on the wall la) is from 2000! Yes, they have been doing this for a REALLY long time.

They takde la cover wedding je.. I saw ade documentary pertanian, graduation sekolah menengah, Sports day tadika mane tah, vacation photo montages, video clip local artists like Saleem. Pastu ade pass tag for “videographer” on occasions yang ade PM and other VIPs. I ade la tanye Abg Wan/ En Wandet diorg cover mane so far. He said he basically go central and south la. Mostly KL, Selangor, N9 and Johor. Kat belah2 utara ada team diorg yang lain. They do the post-production meaning editing and stuff la.

Dari segi hasil kerja, they manage tp cover all the highlights of the event(s) they took but lack the spontaneity and fun elements. This I will try to counter by being my own director. Also they lack the ability to look at small  little details of the day (like the table centerpiece or the artfully crated bunga manggar the bride painstakingly made etc) but this can be treated by simply telling them beforehand.

It is possible for them to adapt CSTproduction or Jabes nye style. But it will take some time and practice to really get there. However, one thing I like about them is that they are really open to trying new styles and is happy to accommodate our needs. Seeing our demands as a new challenge..and they went “bring it on,babeh~”  Another thing that makes me and Luqman really glad is their pricetag. Can u believe their 3-day event package is only RM 1300? This includes the Nikah,sanding and tandang. And if you have the berinai and berkhatam. It is covered FOC. Yep, u read it right!

Also, they are happy to be there for your pre-wedding at a nominal fee so as there is more footage to make the vid clip more entertaining and banyak isi.

Above all I like the way Wandet Entertainment handle their customers. Really efficient and customer-oriented. They check their email/fb/fb fan page so often if u leave them a mail/msg/wall shout they will respond normally in less than 4 hours! Now that I really like!

Their post-production is only 2 weeks (latest  1month) and their equiptment is a 3CCD vidcam like the one used for filming movies and dramas. Though its color is less vibrant than the DSLR used by CSTproduction, it’s still of a decent quality. Editing is by Apple’s Editing Suite ( tak igt nama).

Since their whiteboard (containing list of customers w their dates and the type of events) seems full to the brim, I can safely say that they have been recommended everywhere. So it simply translates them being favourable by customers.

Despite the slitely oldskool feel of their vids, me and Luqman decided to go with it and give them a chance to take up the challenge. I hope our choice is the best that we could ever make while sticking to our budget. Attitude-wise, I would definitely recommend Wandet Entertainment for all u B2B out there. At least go visit his blog or get in touch with him. Mana tau, he might just be the one u are looking for.

*pics are credits to Wandet’s blog


w.a.n.n.o.r.f.a.d.z.l.i.n.a on April 7, 2010 at 9:38 PM said...

Hai Kay! Awak dah pegi studio WanDet ek? Hehehe...
Saya harap awak suka dgn servis dari Wandet entertainment. Thanks also sbb buat entri khas untuk WanDet Ent ni.


under the sky on April 8, 2010 at 9:35 PM said... dah terminat kat Wandet bila kay ckp camni

kay kamal on April 9, 2010 at 2:00 PM said...

hehe..bole la try farah

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