Thursday, December 24, 2009

I Flee...

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and I'm coming back w more posts wen i come back.

Going to Kedah for the weekend to attend a wedding and an engagement. I actually have 6 invites in total..Aainaa-Shah Alam,Syaheed-Janda Baik, Mamat-Trengganu, Husna-TTDIJ, Dr Zafefe n Dr.Zareze- Johor, Nacha-Alor Star, Hani-Alor Setar! Me drowning in wedding cards is driving me insane!!

Bukan ape, sume pon kawan. Nak g,tak mampu nak g sume..mmg bole sesak napas nak kejar sume. And as someone on a tight student budget,to go from places to places leaves me eaating one meal dibahagi 2 hari to make ends meet. So, i hope my dear frens are able to understand that. Even if I cannot be there physically,my doa is always with you *ececece~*

SO,nantikan gamba2 best yg akan dtg!

Kay Kamal

Lovely Bones

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It occurred to me (while doing my ortho senior clerkship logbog) that most of the female patients aged 50 and above suffer from what make me think this topic is important? on~

You see, as we grow older..our bone density lessens which is why we are prone to osteoporosis. This is especially true in post-menopausal women (ladies yg sudah putus haid) since the protection of estrogen is lost to a significant level the bones cannot cope with it.

You must be wondering..hey! i have 30 years to think of that, y bring it up now?

This is where everybody and i mean EVERYBODY gets it wrong.Thanks to the Ads and the media. If we are taking in our Anelene's wen we are old (eg: Anelene Gold) mind you, by then it is almost TOTALLY useless. And y is this?

When we are young (peak is 25-29 years old) is the time that our bones suck up all the much needed calcium at its best. And this is ur baseline level for ur bone density. Its pure logic, wen ur baseline is high,wen it goes down,it doesnt go down as much as people who has minimal reservoir of calcium packed into the bones. Maybe its more understandable with the graph below..*i drew it myself!*--> click to enlarge

So now you understand? Since osteoporosis presents many complications including fractures on jatuh sikit2 pon (trivial fall) and the medication used brings a higher chance of the patient kene breast cancer..isnt it better to prevent it rather thn trying to cure it (in which memang sgt susah n almost never without complications).

After bace panjang2 ni..ape yg I nak you all tau sebenarnye?

Well,its simple.While you are still young, go and eat as much as dairy stuff you can get your dainty fingers on..tak kesah la..susu,yogurt,dadih, cheese,lassi drink, calcium tablets..watever..just dun start is in ur early 20's and throut ur life.

Personally I drink about 400ml milk per day and almost a daily serving of cheese (in my sandwich) and also yogurt as my lunch. So ,tunggu ape lagi..on ur marks,get set, got milk?

And honestly, what is NOT to be loved with this ad (and gorgeous mother of 4!)

Kay Kamal

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bukit Tinggi Short Trip.

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Again this is a delayed entry.Since i don't even have a blog yet when i went there. Watever it is I decided to share this trip with all of you. This post is photo-laden so it may take a while to load..

We went ther cz dad has his OSH (Occupational Safety and Health) gang around for meeting. Me n mom just tagged along so dat dad wun feel lonely (or is it mom who's feeling alone..aww~).

Stayed at the Berjaya Hills Golf and Country Club Resort. I was expecting the weather to be chilly but blerrrgh~ harap aircon..mayb salah kite jugak as humans cz tak reti nk carpool ke tempat keje? Pepun,global warming yg ketara..naik tinggi2 pon takde beza ngn ground level.

So, ni pic of the room...which was spacious and decently decorated tho a lil outdated

sila abaikan my mom's backside here...hoho

if you r wondering wher i would b on the floor,in d sleeping bag(tiada dlm gambar). One thing about this room i dun like is the moldy smell it has...must've been a while nobody stepped in. The toilet was nicely done except no water hose. Very cumbersome for most people esp the Muslims who are used to washing up *ehem* using free flowing water...(using only toilet paper makes me feel squeamish afterwards)

The pool is of decent size n depth n is perfectly clean..not too much on the chlorine smell so i guess its not that damaging to ur hair. And got nice view also!

Mom n always looks like in he rarely smiles for the camera unless u ask him to.Not to say garang ke hape ke..just tak suke gaye2

This was taken at the main entrance...just so i wun forget the name of the place since im super-forgetful..kalo kepala bole tinggal da lame jln tak bawak *sez my mom*

I HAD to put this in cz mom looks too gedik much like me here (or is it the opposite?). And having mom pose this way is a rare occasion..mesti disebarkan!

Buffet bfast for 2 (per room) is given n i would say that its decent.Nothing to marvel at..but it doesnt suck. The variety was so-so in comparison to other 4-5 star places i've been to. But then again, mayb bcz me n mom turun lambat (around 9.30am) that sume pon da kene kemas masuk?

There was also other facilities for golfing addicts. Badminton courts and squash courts are for a minimal fee per hour..(rm 10 kot) and gym,sauna and steambath is complementary..but u nd to tell em u wanna use it at least 2 hours in advance which i find a huge turn-off. And ohya, there are some bowling lanes too, so i can confidently day that you won't b bored here..Just walking along the golf course is a treat on its own due to the lush scenery.

Im not sure the room rates here..but if u r in Bukit Tinggi, this is an alternative to the legendary Colmar Tropicale..mayb at a smaller pricetag.

I give it 3.5/5 stars..

Kay Kamal

If Money Is Not An Issue

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tis is just a post to express my wanting (not need,want) for the perfect engagement ring..which i knw in a million years i wun b able to afford..but again,its not wrong to dream

saliva drips~

a box of tissues cant contain drippings~

this is driving me insane~!


y? y? Y? does it hav to be sooooo gorgeous?

id die for this!

saliva continues to drool~
i dun exactly remmber wher i get these pics,to whoever,credits to you.

aih~ this is wat happens wen my sleep-wake cycle is disrupted..*woi kay tdo la!! esok klas pukul 8* erk~

Kay Kamal

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merisik...When It All Starts

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I knw this is a little late but i wasnt ready to show these pics to the world,apa itu merisik?

Merisik basically is for the groom-2-b's family to checkout whether the girl is taken or not. In my case,it is supposed to be completely obsolete cz in the 1st place I have been going out w the sam person for like 4 years!! Sape lagi la di hati kalo bukan cik abg sayang oii~

Masa zaman dulu memang logic la cz anak dara mana la kuar umah. Duk la elok2 masak,menjahit,blaja agama..nowadays separuh the gurls dun even knw how to masak nasik goreng..bole abaikan la redang daging da nasik dagang (ye,saye org ganu). So,i guess im a good catch (ok,kay..u can stop merapu now)

So, merisik went on anyway and it was really simple.rather informal. Specifically the date was..jap2..lupa pulak..*checking photo details*..ohya, 5 Dec 2009..

Did i see anybody menggeleng? Laa...tak caye lak..fine2..amik ko some pics to buktikan..hehe..

The hi-tea table setting

Me mom and aunty

Me dad and cousin

Me (pardon the cam-whoring..i cudnt resist)

Menyarung cincin risik

Closeup menyarung

Me and Luqman's Mom (the word future MIL still havent sunk in)

The two fathers

Closeup of the ring

The big(ger) family..sorry yo n elish takde..

Now u blv me? Well,dats all for nw..tx for stopping by!

Kay Kamal

When All Fails

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Okay,this is totally non bride related..i was trying to hard to copy n paste a new template for this blog so dat its easier to the eyes (takde buhsan tahap cimpanzi mcm skang ni) n its really backfiring me.

Setelah berjaya defrag, disk cleanup an also i ran the malicious software detector,antivirus an ad-aware..masih tiada perubahan..hello?!! apekah masalah ko wahai laptop..mau kne buang luar tingkap ke?


ouh anyway...tx for reading rasa hati ini..takde org da bole tlg..isk~ -.-

Kay Kamal

Monday, December 21, 2009

My first entry

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I have been waiting for a while to be able to finally start writing this. As an introduction, this blog is for me to say anything however stupid or informative i want about my coming big day. yes,it seems like a looooong way to go but i guess it bettter than not starting, kan?

Also,ill add some of my 2 cents worth of thoughts on things i feel can benefit some of my readers in any way. U may find some personal unrelated r free to skip those.

My entries are going to be both in english and malay so i hope no comments yang sakit hati about my mixture of word usage,okay..

Anyway, just for intro-sake..


a final year Medical student who is struggling to make her ends meet..and to add to the insult a wedding to plan. People may wonder, "still studying,y so fast wanna get hitched?" lemme answer dat. In order for us to be in the same hospital during our houseman posting,we have to be a legal couple (and actually memang kami da gatal pon..haha) and we want the emotional support we give each other all this 4 years of being together to continue.I'm very easy to be friendly with and I'm crazy protective of things and people I love (siapla kalo ko try..warning awal2)


about the same story as above (gile pemalas ko ni ,kay)but he's a much2 milder version of me in terms of temperaments.but a little too shy to simply be as frenly as urs truly..

so,i guess dats all for intro.tx for stopping by!

Kay Kamal


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