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E-Day Review Series: The Dress, Accessories etc

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I bought this drees punya kain longer than most people can imagine. The kain beli kat Udupi during  Sem 5 and now I am in Sem 10..this baby waited for 4sems+ (about 2 years) before it was shown to the world! See how looking forward I am into spending my life with this sweetheart of mine?

Anyway, It was actually material for punjabi suit. White matt satiny material for the lining and the lace (full 4 metres) was pakaged together as a set. Masa nak beli tu i called my mom to ask her ape kain yang sesuai and she mentioned only "sweet, not over the top, preferably pastel colors" and upon seeing this kain, mcm ada deja vu...trus je sambar. hehe.

I sent it toKuala Berang, Terengganu for tailoring. My grandma was the one setttling the whole affair for me. Yang amik, yang anta *dan yg bayar..tq TokWan!* . The design was almost a direct copycat from last year punya Pengantin mag. Tailor itu agak hebat,kan?

Tudung and veil pon all the way from Trengganu as i really was kesuntukan masa n tak sempat nk g cari2 dah. so i seah sume kat my TokWan and Cik Ngah *abah's sis*

My kasut actually ada je dlm bilik. Pink colored beaded flats, beli from india gak. Tapi terlupa nak bawak turun hasil terlbih bizi aritu..aih~

Overall my whole outlook dat day i boleh nk puas ati except dat i put on 2kg right before the event..sgt heart wrenching.. 

Sedar tak kain dier ala2 payung/duyung? hehe . I like!And the lengan is Saloma style. Ni pulak from the back..yep,agak gempal disitu

From another angle.Button kat dpan tu tade fungsi pon. Ada zipper at the back

Side view. Ni masa tga tunggu Mama Luqman dtg for menyarung cincin. *ada nampak itu muka nervous?*

Details of the veil. I like the veil tapi since i ni sgt tak ladylike dan berjalan pon macam godzilla...ramai org yang sedang elok bersimpuh/bersila atas lantai muke ter-kena libas ngn veil yang gila panjang ni.hehehehe sorry.

And ohya..accessories plak.. The 2 abngles are my mom's..white gold and rows of diamonds. Gerun masa pakai.hehe. My grandma insisted on the rantai emas yang panjang meleret tu.katenye bagi naik seri. and the bracelet-necklace set pon my granny bought for me when she pergi holiday ke Sabah like a month before the E-day. 

I so love my E-day dress.& since baju ni da ter-lbih vogue lak *at least to me la*..da tade idea for nikah nye baju.isk. Da la kain kat cni lagi pricey and choices dier same for evryone..uh~sdey..


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