Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sanding Review Series : My Wedding Baker

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After a super duper long silence, im back. My lappie died on me sometime back & I'm unable to find time to get a new one. Tambah lak ngan kerja mmg la tak lekang. Aih..

My cake was a 4 tiered cake. In total it was about 15 kg worth. I designed the cake myself & sat down bincang ngn my baker regarding the details. Working with her was really a breeze. 

The cake turned out exactly the way i imagined it to be! I cant describe hw happy i was masa tu. Mcm menang loteri, weh!

Just look at it! Imagine my joy! huhu..
Lowermost tier upwards: Red velvet cake w cream cheese filling, vanilla, orange zest & chocolate all of them w buttercream filling covered with fondant.
The fondant , i can still remember smelled faintly of french vanilla beans, yum!

Thing is, we only managed to taste the bulat bulat fondant yg kaler kleabu tuh. Afterwards the cake was whisked away as per our request so as to serve the guets with it. Nyesal sungguh tak mintak dier save some :(

Her cakes are generally priced at RM 40- 60 per kilo depending on flvours & addition are to b made on intricate (read: susah) workmanship.

Besides cakes, she bakes a variety of buns & cookies too. Its nice to pop in her cafe for a visit since it has that French Cottage aura. huhu.

My Baker cn be contacted as below:

TEL: 03-51219609FAX: 03-51219708

or you can just text Manjit at 012-2131208

or just MMS her ur desired design , flavors n ask her for a quote! Kata la Kay Kamal yang kenalkan you people of her cafe. huhu.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy 1st Month My Khayra Latifa Luqman

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Eventho i've written this a bit late... its never too late cz one day when bace balik akan ade memories at least.

On 28 Jan 2012 lahirlah puteri pertama kami. Her birth story later la tulih. tak sempat. hoho.

Anak ibu ni lahir kecik je. Induced at 36 weeks sbb da tamau grow dlm perut da. Da give up ngn ibu sbb ibu tak rest cukup & tak mkn nutritious meals.

Maka Khayra was born real small at 2.1 kg ( <3rd centile) despite panjang 51 cm (> 90th centile) 

Kecik2 lagi da diva-ish. Huhu. I had a breezy pregnancy & a hard labour with a harder start as a mommy

On day 8 my Khayra was down with triple severe jaundice she she is so small. Even hourly breasstfeeding dia pon still bole kena jaundice tinggi lagi. Highest reading was 347. Initially we din notice so cz my room tuh gelap & lampu dier kaler kuning ( siap dinding kaler kuning) . Bile upload pic dlm fb & my sis nye kwn (yang ada anak 3) tgk , dier pon tegur la kate Khayra nmpak jaundiced.

Masa tu da pukul 9.30 pm. trus je g Salam Medical Centre at Sect 19 Shah Alam untk amik TSB (total serum bilirubin) & diorg kata akan inform esok pagi. Ah, takde makna. I said to them just inform me kol bp pon kuar results, i dun care.

Then as i was feeding her kol 2.30 am, they called me w reading 307. Ya Allah, my heart just dropped. It felt like a bomb just landed upon me! Terus je masa tuh i packed our stuffs , called Hospital Serdang & referred Khayra myself & writing my own referral leter. 

Khayra was started under 3 lampu & diorang puasakan dia. Berguling2 menangis anak ibu lapar.. apa lagi, kite pon nangis la skali. Baru la masa tu paham perasaan mak mak kat NICU/SCN yang selama ni kite tak amik pusing pon.

Good thing kitorg duduk 2 malam je. Her jaundice went down fast & we were discharged. To Hosp Serdang   staffs, TQ much. Special thanks to Dr Jai , MO oncall who accepted my case.

As our days go by, macam2 la jadi. Nangis malam2 buta sorang diri when Khayra is in her growth spurt. Masa tu she will kejut me every 30 mins to feed her. Rasa down sgt masa tu sbb rasa cm susu ni tak cukup for her. Nak sgt breastfeed her fully sampai 2 taun (insya-Allah). Dgn tak dpt tido, sampai bengkak mata2 nangis letih & stress. Aih...

Tapi pepun, Alhamdulillah hasilnye berbaloi. Bile g klinik at 1 month, my 2.1 kg newborn naik jadi 2.9 kg !! Tambun pipi dia skang. huhu. 

Ibu promise ibu try my best okay... 

Ibu loves u, Khayra!


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