Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Would You Like to Win This? ( or help me win? huhu)

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Im in for another try..this time it is from facebook. The contest is organised by a well known wedding planner D'Jari Artz.

1. Become fan D' Jari Artz at Facebook. please click here.

2. Upload a photo yang ada muka you and ur significant other.Only one photo is allowed.

3. Please put ur name, ur engagement/wedding date and also why YOU should be the winner!

The prize?? A gorgeous pelamin mini bernilai RM800!!!

For more info I'd suggest u click this link

Since the winner is chosen based on how many people clicked "Like" bawah their photo..whoever that has a facebook account reading this me out..i really need ur kind support. do we go about nak vote ni?

Please click this photo and vote by clicking the "Like" button. Please..ill be forever terhutang budi dibawa mati..*ecececeh*

So,again...Facebook account holders..please vote for me..I love you peeps so so much! *teary eyed*

Kay Kamal

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tunang Check List..Bila Kay Mula Menggelabah

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Wedding Countdown Ticker

Apa Patut Ada Masa Tunang Ya? ( entry ini diadaptasi dari Missyanz.timekasih tuan blog. )
  1. Make-up - sndri buat
  2. Mini Pelamin- must bincang with my cousin akir..tapi da ade la idea tu
  3. Baju - Baju i da siap 6 bulan kot
  4. Photog - Hash dear..jasamu dikenang hingga ke akhir hayat
  5. Doorgift - ini mmg masalah..takde idea pepe lagi
  6. Makanan - will confirm with ibu and tok wan

Him 4 Me..
  1. Cincin - bli since bulan 10..ada year end sale kat Wah Chan
  2. Kain wat baju nikah - yet to beli..takde masa la
  3. Tepak Sirih 
  4. Body Care Set
  5. Kek/Buah2

Me 4 Him..
  1. Sirih Junjung
  2. Kain Baju Nikah/ Baju Nikah itself - tggu la jap...same case like above
  3. Samping n Songkok
  4. Body Care Set
  5. Coklat
  6. Buah-buahan 
  7. Cake - Secret recipe or bli cupcakes yet to decide
I wonder if sempat tak nak kejar semua by the time..its only 1 month 5 days to go..*gulp*

Kay Kamal

Monday, February 22, 2010

Pre-Wedding Photography

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We are already booking our pre-wedding photographer..which im still contemplating..

Check em out.Both are REALLY2 talented people Fique and Ehssan. Ehssan is my fren since my kindergarten days..and i knew Fique thru random friendster thing then we contacted constantly thru FB and YM since my 1st year med school! (now im in 5th year) yet to meet fique im waiting for Ehssan quotation to see which suits my budget better.

It got me thinking for a while.What theme should my pre-wedding photos be centered around? Luqman loves the old school (we talking vespa kind of old school here).. and me?

I love the ones people take in the middle of a forest..or maybe beaches. Yes, i know its all so cliche-d but its classic.Never turns old.

Maybe choosing a historical site.Most chosen ones are the A'Famosa fort and some buddhist temples. But that (Buddhist temples) would render inappropriate considering our cultural background.

Railway stations can prove to look real nice in photos but takkan i nak pergi KTM station?

The sawah padi/paddy filed is also really beutiful but where to find one in the KL/Selangor area?


Some now opt for a very modern approach in which they take KLCC/ Bintang Walk/ The Pavillion as their place.But since i have never step foot there,it hold no sentimental value to that got me feeling urm~

There are ideas of using vintage houses.Sadly my family do not own one. Boleh sewa sehari ke?

Luqman gave his thought about Masjid Negeri Selangor. The one w the white and blue dome but to me..nak bergaya-gaya kat masjid for a PRE-wedding (read: pre) seems tak seswai la pulak.

Oh,so vintage~

Some people made the jetty look so wonderful u feel like living there


Other daring ones uses public transport and buat muka tak segan.

A garden would be wonderful but anybody has any ideas where?

Bukit Cerakah seems promsing..hurm..

What about using a really cool transportation item as ur prop?


*credits to owners of all these lovely pictures*

Kay Kamal

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sneak Preview of My Baju Tunang

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I believe ramai nak tau. *prasan je la ko ni kay* So here...what do you people think?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Piles of Papers

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This is what happens when i im down with several assignments yet to be completed.

Moral of the decade: NEVER THROW TIME DOWN THE DRAIN..

Learnt something 2day people?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Medan Day 4..Goodbye!~

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Sesungguhnya on our last day the whole program was so distorted. We were running here and ther yet we accomplished NOTHING.    

1st off abah made a mistake by leaving behind the printed flight itenary on the coffee table back in Shah Alam. Then we spent like 30 mins in the hotel's business centre just to reconfirm everything. Buang masa la jugak.

Then we went to the shopping mall..cant remmber the name but the mall is pointless actually. Tak boleh beli ape cz it was expensive. Btter lagi i go Midval macam ni. They wanted to bring us to the pasar *pasar ikan is the name* but said that the pasar only opens after noon..I personally find it ridiculous.

This is just to demonstrate the number of people eating and also how much i ran away from my routine 'no sugary drinks' diet. Daily 2 doses of teh manis..oh my poor pancreas. Please do NOT do this. Drink sugary drinks only once in a week at most! *this is a community service message*

We did not manage to go to the pasar, so we ended up waiting at the airport for like 2 and a half hours. Thank god for duty free shops. At least we were able to window-shop there. The lady in brown scarf was my maid 6 years ago. We actually liked her and wanted to extend her stay... sadly she was a carrier of HEP C and was unable to pass her health check. We kept in touch though.. Her house is 2 angkuts/ 15mins away from the airport. So, we went for a visit,picked her up, went around then she saw us back.

Back in LCCT..thanks so much Kak Anis for bringing Byu (my car) here. It has been a while since we hanged out. Mayb this March? huhuhu..

The whole journey was indeed a rush and tiring but i'm happy i went *initially i decided not to due to my classes* and spent quality time with my family. This may be my last (or second last) trip w my family as an unmarried person *gasp*. And things are really gonna be different after this. I hope for the better. Isn't it better for another person to be added to the group? The more the merrier aite?

Or am I just having some cold feet bride-y jitters here?

Kay Kamal

Medan Day 3

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By the third day,number of pictures taken are significantly reduced as you can witness as you carry on reading..hoho..

Buffet bfast was provided at Semarak International and it was decent. Variety was not that much but the food tasted good. I remembered eating some toast, a rice porridge,some nasik lemak, slices of fruits and also lontong.. Yes,i know it sounds many alredy but I'm so used to the ones with rambang mata options places im comparing with those *which is unfair cz those are 5 star hotels* . But still~

This was what i had for bro called it gedaBAKSO..U see for people who do not understand.. Gedabak means huge. Bakso on the other hand are the meatballs. And literally mine is just slitely smaller than a tennis!

This filled me up to the brim since i don't like wasting food..i drank the soup down till the last drop!

It's unusual to go to ANY part of  Indonesia without spending time at their spas. Its at least 2X cheaper than in Malaysia. There is however a need to scout around for good places just in case they overcharge you or its simply outta ur budget or you just do not like the place. Go in and see first. NEGOTIATE the packages, discounts or anything before paying and then only go. Make sure try booking and pay some advance money  at least in the morning if you plan to go later in the day or you would end up not having any openings.

These pics are to show the 'before'.

'Before' picture of the whole gang.. The gentlemen and the boys went to a massage parlour..*masseurs are guys..fret not*

This is our after pic. I do not know if we really turned out that radiant or anything but i remmbered having a 5 hour sleep though..

RM 70 scored me a full facial (the usual cleansing,scrub,steam,suction of the blackheads and stuff  and the facial mask)...and also a full body servicing. I lay there being massaged all over *and i do mean ALL OVER*, sat in a steam bath for 20 mins,scrub/lulur, then body mask. I was literally
molested there,nothing left. Ouh,mayb except for my *ehem*. Yes, they did the butt and the boobs too..sigh~ (just close my eyes and pretend nothing happened there)


Another durian eating session!! *someone help me please!!*

Thois is the insides of the King of Fruits. *intended for those who has not been exposed to em* . This fruit is "heaty" so it is not advisable to eat on hot days...However,if you do happen to eat them, my grandma passed on a turun temurun /generations by generations down a tip.. 


Fill in some water in the emptied durian shell...any plain drinking water shud do it. Enough for one gulp.


Drink right from it! *as demonstrated by my sister ther*. Trust me its very tricky to get it right. It will otherwise end up on ur lap instead!

This tip of reducing 'hetiness' however i am not able to scientifically prove or disprove. So,if you people tried, do lemme know ya!

Since I dun exactly eat em..its the only way to look like i actually got involved.haha

The durian-crazed gang.

With this much of can seriously give me nightmares! Please dun get me involved w this much durian again unless it has been cooked ito a pengat. Or made into a dodol or lempuk. I would otherwise have a really bad headache. And yes.. my usual panadol cannot help me.

That night I did not sleep..this time not the aircon but the durian. Adoi~

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