Monday, November 29, 2010

Sanding Review Series : Invitation Card

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These were the cards for my sanding. More pics than words this time. 

Card 1
Tempah at Seri Kreatif. Only needed 150 pcs of these as they are the English ver for my dearest lecturers whom mostly are from India. 

Seri kreatif i can safely say is CHEAP, fast and frenly. 2 thumbs up. Mine was the above Apple Burger Restaurant nye branch. Look for Nora. She's really quirky and fun to talk to.

Card was size of A5 paper dibahagi dua and they have glossy finishing.I figured it was really cute *lol perasan!* and me love the full color map!

This is the draft. 

And these are the real things! I was a happy customer. Nuff said =]

Card 2
Card ni asalnye takde dlm planning pon tapi dah my dad ter-rambang mata...takpe la. Made in Bandung. Siyesly harga HALF price from msia...BUT.. 500 keping=40 kg, agak sakit jiwa la nk hangkut sume balik. Mmg havoc.

Udah tu card ni bincang artwork purely online je. So agak perit disitu. Last skali i dload free trial CorelDraw program and i edit sendri then bile setel sume suh dier print je.. total from bncang till production (cz totally own design) takes about 10 days.

Ni drafts


and the finished product. I was super-happy with the results eventho ade la hitches sket2. Me likes the foiling/hotstamping they did on the two "orang toilet"!

Card 3
This was the original card from this entry tapi since i lupa nk save dlm PNG file.. diorg terpaksa re-do the whole artwork. So ade la lain sket from asal. esp the colors. but i thk it turned out well and i pon takde masa nk jadik bridezilla cz i was in the middle of my exams pon.

Made them here. Truely recommended. Fiza layan u terbaik! 

So these are the drafts done

yg ni siap bagi sampul bercetak skali ngn package yg sgt la affordable and best! Fiza is really attentive to ur needs. Card pon siap masa yang di janji. In my case mmg i bagi upto a month. Cz i wasnt in a rush.

And ni yang da siap! wuu.. suke2...  =]

Friday, November 26, 2010


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Tepat jam 5.15pm, Miss Khairina Adliah Kamal Ariffin telahpun selamat dinikahi Mr Luqman Rosla...

Sementelah itu, nama saya automatically berubah menjadi PUAN Khairina Adliah Kamal Ariffin ataupon Mrs Luqman..


P/s: Teruskan me-stalk blog ini kerana lagi macam2 entry akan saya update lagi..Remember my E-day Review Series? Ill do My Nikah Review Series , Sanding Review Series & Tandang Review Series slowly okay..Please bear w me.. Saya sayang anda semua!

The Solemn Bride

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This is more of an informative entry, and it is a scheduled one. At the point of publishing, my khatam quran is under way.. insya-allah

My older folks melarang me to b myself on my wedding day(s). Its only prudent for a bride to be shy and composed all along. Senyum pon yg suweet (blueek~ sweetkah?) and dat dun teruja bagai atau terkinja2.

Maka, pls dun terasa if i cnnt b as havoc as i am d day u loverlies met me at Zaila n Xora. 

However, if da after potong cake sume tu bole kot jadik gile sket. AHAKS!

P/s: mini corsage at guestbook table and photobooth di bawah jgn lupa ye.. here is the dewan's floorplan just in case

Thursday, November 25, 2010

25 Hours and Counting Down

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Mode : Freaking out.

Its not too long of a time left. i cant blv our 8 months of engagemnt. and 1 year of wedding preps is finally coming to a close.

It hard to believe i still feel very much undone. And at the same time done. Its a mixed emotion. Like exams.. however much u study, wen the time is near u feel more n more not ready padahal da baca buku setinggi gunung. 

I do not have second, not with lovely Luqman. Hell,  hantaran (plus mas kahwin) da masuk account pon. Its only a matter of taking a deep breath and trying to calm down and stop doing things not within my reach.

For now, please pray us the best we can have. And dat masa Nikah and Sanding tak ujan. Amin.

See u peeps on Sat! 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cari Yang Ini

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Project siang td ngn uncle Ravinth.

abaikan baju mcm hape je

Hee~ Luqman did evrything actually for the signage. Print n laminate sume. I did the arrows. Then last nite my bro, sis and cousins embarked on their journey mencilok signage org yang da lpas2 so dat bole pasang sndri nye on top. Masa bertunang i did d same too..hehehe.

Tak kesah pon amik org nye yg da lpas cz mase bertunang aritu i was curi-ing the papans and at the same time MBSA people was around too cleariing them up. So mntak je from them and they were like, lenkali sila amik cz kitorg tak lrt nk clear. Lol.. sian..

i hope the tulisan is fine for u people....

cant wait to c u! 

Monday, November 22, 2010

Map To Dewan (kepada sesiapa yg tak dpt card)

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Do click for larger view eh

Google map link to event venue:

Longtitude E 102 " 4 ' 33.8 '
Latitude N 2" 18 ' 23.1 '

(if u decide to take a public transport, Abdullah Hukum LRT station is only 3 mins walk away. honestly!)


Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Makeup Trial

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Not much to be said baik tgk je kan? hoho.

Took around 1 hour 40 mins to achieve this look. Im happy how my skin turned out looking super-flawless and that the colors used are also a good blend.. but dun u thk i look so much unrecognisable? Shading too overdone ke? HELP

Friday, November 19, 2010

Finally... a Brazillian Wax!

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I was cntemplating it for the LONGEST time sbb tau la.. the ouchies and the price... the segan and the pricetag. U knw.. all of it..

Tapi since hubby-2-b  requested to do so. *dun ask me* I decided to tell my mom about it cz i wanted a ride to Jln Telawi, Bangsar to pay a visit to Apronbay since Connie, Tammy, Tongue-in-Chic are all raves about it. 

Some others recommended  Strip at The Curve but really i wasnt sure cz Curve is definitely lagi jauh compared to Bangsar. But ade pulak a blogger Ziling said it is there in Sunway Pyramid. However her experience doesnt seem to entice me much *shrugs*

Lynn , Shudaddict and this article writer  on the other hand loves Glitters at One Utama and The Gardens so much they kept going back!

Tapi memandangkan my time is limited nak berjalan kemana hala just to wax my va-jay-jay bare.. lols

So my mom said.. why not u Google ones in Shah Alam je.. i was like.. btul gak. hoho...

Maka, i found this lovely lass , Fatimah Tajuddin who runs this mobile spa named FlowerPowerSpa and to me her rates are reasonable since she comes to you! And that she is frenly, prompt in replying ur fb pm or sms and at the same time professional.

Hurts or not. The age old question kan..

To me, no. ( i do have high pain threshold tho..slite wincing but no screaming and i was holding a comfortable conversation w her)  But the part wen the hot wax was applied stung a moment. But the stinging from the heat kinda ripped all the pain away wen u get well..stripped. It is advisable u try dulu on a really small part of the skin to test the heat cz i din knw how thin the skin at that area is til i got blistered during the session and a small part of the skin got stripped along w the hair *yikes*

If is too hot it is WRONG for u. make sure it is hot but bearble. not till rasa persistently terbakar. Memule test a bit on ur hand, then skin "there" a bit. if ok baru truskan

Segan tak? Another age-old question.

In my case cz she was such a good sport and lepaq (she has been doing this over a year!) i felt so much at ease. And also dur to the nature of my job,im kinda used to seeing private parts of others so i figure she'd feel the same abt seeing mine. Dlm erti kata lain, takde perasaan. Cz u r used to seeing . hehe

So ape jnis Brazillian Waxing we can choose from?

pattern wise u have options as below. I chose all off *blush*

and there are choices of using hard wax and soft wax. Fatimah used pure honey. U knw the honey candy w the asam boi in the middle? Yeah, that honey, melted in the warmer pot.

I've tried hard wax before (ni DIY tapi slalu sanggup buat separuh je sbb tak sanggup nk strip sendri.hehe) and some say this is less painful but she doesn't offer this one. U can buy online tho if nak DIY i bought it during a "Drugstore" spree here .. this is the product (hard wax) i used. But u need a microwave to have it work tau. Harga if convert plus minus shipping dlm RM 30+

So y not try it! At least u can say u tried once something sooo scary (and embarassing) many shy away from. *winks*

Just gv her a text or fb pm. She'l b happy to serve u =]

Thursday, November 18, 2010

What Happened to Kay Kamal?

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Sebulan berdiam diri apekah? Im sorry if i suddenly dropped dead frm this blogging world. Thanks to beruk band and also the busy-ness i was caught in. 

Just as updates:
1) Did proper pre-wed shooting session w Shafeeq Fathurrahman 
2) Settled pelamin design at Davency Wedding Workshop
3) Trial makeup w freelancer MUA Linda 
4) Bincang2 and aturcara briefing w OV Wandet
5) Studio pre-wedding for signature board 
6) Siapkan photobooth props
7) Order flowers from cameron for walkways, dewan decor, hantaran and pelamin mini
8) Mini corsage for Bloggers ONLY (hehe)
9) Wedding badges for family members (inspired by Elly's)
10) Guestbook table setup stuff
11) Penanda jalan yg gile simple. Ni Luqman yg buatkan *winks*
12) Cari bridal car and so happy my mom helped me find the PERFECT one. Luqman is making the plate!

ape lg eh...

wen i remmber ill post. hehe.. meanwhile. have fun looking at these =]

n i miss u gurls~!


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