Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sanding Review Series : Dress and Assesories

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I love love my dress and my hubby's baju dat day...

for those wondering, the color mula2 nk amik gray je.. and nk wat pelamin pink and white to match the theme. tapi pastu baju gray only takdak size cz kami menyewa je tak mampu nak buat. also if buat mmg i dun thk ill b wearing it again. so~ sewa la yang terbaik buat kami.

what we did was we gabung 2 sets baju lelain.. actually dlm set gray tu matching ngn outer coat white but i pilih the pink one, in which dier actually ade pink bustier and skirt.. and tada!

(click to enlarge ya)
Baju kitorg pakai ni comfy, well tailored tapi..sila JANGAN beli/sewa/tempah kain potongan duyung kalo ade nk naik turun tangga cz i really almost trip onto my face the 1st stairstep i took..saaaaaangat berhati2. phew..seb bek tade jd pepe yg menyegankan..

The tudung i beli kat Jln masjid india. Bought the kosong ones and then pegi kedai yang ade service iron on diamante to customise to my needs. The pink ones are swarovski crystals. yg tu kne mahal sket (50sen per bijik).

Honestly my tudung tak jejak Rm 50 pon. hee...and im really happy the way it turned up to be.

Also i choose to NOT wear tiara cz i dun wanna look taller thn Luqman cz we are of the same height. Thus this flat headpiece is JUST PERFECT. cumenye kne letak 10 jarum peniti atas kepala je la. 

Kasut ni nye cerita bole jmpe kat cni.

Alhamdulillah my choice was a real good one. Berdiri berjln all day sgt selesa. tak terasa LANGSUNG sakit kaki. cushioning dier superb. 

paling penting the shoes made me feel so like a princess..specifically Cindarella cz the heels look like glass!

I love my Shoes.. sgt suka

P/s: kepada yang nak tau pasal my package baju ni.. nantikan post seterusnye! lom ade masa nk tulis bebyk lagi. Kerja isnin-ahad ye.. so,pls bear w me n b reminded dat i miss all of u =[

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sanding Review Series : Kereta Pengantin

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Hehe..bagi yang dah tgk tu akan tau la kan..

We borrowed this baby from my mom and dad's dear friend Dr Yusof of UNITEN. He is a true car-lover. He has loadfulls of cars and this type of car je ade 3 jnis. lol~

Part paling best he maintains these cars himself !

Anywho..this is the car b4 we dressed him up

Panther 2.8L top speed 140 miles/h weh~ and it is and AUTOMATIC car!

we dun feel like dressing him up dat much but a lil would do.. and..

notice the bag kat blakang keta tu (knnnye trus g honeymoon la..) -FYI kami lom sempat honeymoon ye

really really LOVE our wedding car! hehe

Tq Dr Yusof!

P/s: to those yang nk sewa kereta ni from him, do ring him at  012-281-7412(kata kay kamal anak puan kamaliah yg promo.hoho)

pics are taken by WARNAPIKSEL team

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our Pre-Wedding Photos

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Shafeeq did a really great job. Recommended. Like seriously. he was the one yang bagi idea pura2 shopping brg hantaran and the makan makan... it turned out real well.

The session was done at The Curve Damansara.

Since i feel like giving him FULL credit.. lets see em here! hehe

p/s: i miss all of u

p/p/s: i lost 5kg in 3 weeks working as a Houseman.. lol~

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