Sunday, April 18, 2010

E-Day Review Series: The Ring

Posted by kay kamal at 2:40 AM

We bought this ring in Wah Chan Sunway Pyramid after our date in Sunway Lagoon.Mulanye just nak survey2 je.. in the ned ter-jatuh hati so here it is! Beli like 4 months prior to the E-day.Luqman kept the ring so dat i cannot leak its pic out.. he knows im bad at keeping secrets.hehe.

Wah Chan Sunway is recommended. The salesperson Nicholas tu very friendly and sangat la sanggup melayan kerenah sang-B2B ni mencuba hampir SEMUA cincin yang berkenan di mata (like 20 rings kot!) sampaikan kene marah ngn Luqman sbb dier lapo tak makan lagi duk tersekat di kedai emas.

Masa tu pegi merata gak survey, Diamond Platinum, Diamond boutique, My Diamond, Poh Kong, Tomei... sumenye either takle afford or tak minat design..mana tau kbetulan si Wah Chan ni ada the 70%+20% year end sale kinda thingy tu. and this ring is under its special range! Ada sebentuk je in each branch! Ouh maka kami rembat after bertapak disana melebihi sejam rethinking it.

Here are some Close-ups

7 brilliant cut totalling 0.5 ct in the middle,forming a flower. Tak tau la ape color, clarity so-so. Not GIA certified..that would only double its price.

The sidestones are 16 small diamonds (8 on each side) which are again brilliant cut. I remmbered cumulative size was like 0.3ct. I tak bape suke solitaire yang takde sidestones or engravings at the sides..too empty for my liking

And this is how it looks on me. I heart!

Nice kan? *kay mmg pandai masuk bakul pastu angkat sendiri..berat tau tak?*


Paired w the merisik ring..*my hand kembang again..tx to the IV drip i had during last year's dental surgery..arrghh~!*


under the sky on April 18, 2010 at 12:08 PM said...

masuk drip kembang lambat surut eh?
alaa....cantiknya tengok diamond yang bersusun2 tu, next tyme klu xnak jari nmpak kembang cincin biar besor lg~ :D

kay kamal on April 18, 2010 at 1:41 PM said...

tatau la..da wat physio pon still amik mase.. sbb ade double puncture kot mase tu

hehe..timekasih kate lawa. n cincin kahwin da beli!!! nantikan..*cincin kat man dier tak kasik amik pic..huk~*

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