Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunny Side Up..Vibrant Colors Theme

Posted by kay kamal at 12:14 AM

Somebody come and say it to my face if you DO NOT want ur wedding to be all happy,smiles and sunshine that u would want to remember all your life. I love this couple's theme. It simply gives so much life to the whole majlis. Sang photographer dan encik videographer pon akan puas ngn visual candies yang disediakan for them to capture.

Look how much these pieces of memories can brighten up the mood!

Nobody, and i really mean NOBODY can forget such a visual treat. Though I admit memang lagi sesuai for Garden weddings, done during summer or spring.

Ouh how i love those lanterns! Its such a trend nowadays. Khareyan Events used them like throughout late 2009! i love..i love.. i saw them going for like RM 9 each in this blog. And also, you know what are those?Yes, it is a candy buffet yang saya masuk mimpi sampai nak realisasikan. Kalau ada B2B yang ada extra bucks and plan to have it catered, i saw it here...starting price is RM 500.

I an so gonna copycat the backrop. Its really DIY-able provided i have the time, so,ill try it. This couple had 2 sets of candy buffets..oh,how wonderful!~

This is the closeup of their wedding cake. 3 tiered with ribbons segala bagai. I sangat suka. The cake stand sangat marveles dibuat ala-ala taman gitu.

Sedikit sebanyak i got my inspirations from them but is this gonna be my theme color? Tunggu~

To any 2B2 yang manage to play with these colors. Do gimme a buzz,i would love to see them.hehe

Kay Kamal


masmOna on May 4, 2010 at 9:53 PM said...

pink and orange. u shud try it dear :)
i used those colors 4 hantaran e-day yang i bagi to him :) canteks!*hiks puji diri sndri :P*

kay kamal on May 4, 2010 at 10:29 PM said...

tu la i really like. tapi malangnye da pilih kaler for nikah n sanding... nnti i post it up.jeng jeng jeng.. *kasik jantung dup dap sket suspen..eceh prasan*

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