Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Por Favors?

Posted by kay kamal at 4:51 PM
Apekah? As usual bila Kay malas buat homework such as reports yg meninggi gunung,dia akan beri mkn kpd blog nye agar blog nye tembam,sihat dan enak dibaca.

So,dalam dok duduk-duduk..ter-berangan la pulak... I was looking around as to what favours paling sesuai for the guests. Since Im expecting like 2000 people all inclusive kawan-kawan my mom,dad,mine,sis,bro and family members lagi..budget again becomes an issue and also the universality of the gifts.

As usual Kay yang gile akan terpikir bnde2 camni...lalu kene marah ngan ibu..

Comel ape? Just that maybe sesetengah org malas nak jaga kot..
This goes at RM2.00/piece here

Then secondly hati memang sangat suka ni since makan kat kenduri abang Piran

I got quote from sini it is RM 1.80/piece and sini RM 1.60/piece (ni quote for 1000 pieces) including the transparent box and ribbon,color of choice.Transport I'm not sure. Topping is buttercream. Sadly I have never tasted their products. Takmaula bagi orang and then tak nice kan?

This one pulak I came across when facebooking. The fanpage added me up as a friend and i found it really interesting.

Ini bar chocs ye...It goes at RM 2.00/piece (Rm 1.80/piece if 501 upto 1000 pieces) if according to their designs. But if you want to custom made the designs,boleh2..but add RM 30/order for the artwork process..Mereka di sini

And yang ni..its really small but enough la if you pop it in ur mouth,still penuh jugak.

At RM 1.50/piece (order from 200-1000 pieces) here

Satu lagi yg mmg best gile tgk and diorg ni dpt byk gak testi sedap is this

At RM 0.50/letter with packaging and Rm 0.45/letter without packaging. I personally like this. I hope they give more discounts on bulk orders..please~

So now, mana satu ni..ibu tolong~!

Kay Kamal


Anonymous said...

I paling suka ur idea of cactus as wedding favors. unique and cute. I loike! yang letters tu pon ok. But I'll definitely go for cactus!! huhu.

kay kamal on March 19, 2010 at 11:49 AM said...

omg my mom mg da "ngarut,sudah"

my fren "eh, i tak suke. kalau it dies sape salah?"

sdey kan? best la u..same kpala otak.hehehe..i like!

warna on May 29, 2010 at 12:59 PM said...

custom made yaasin,asma,wedding cards...

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