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Dahlia's Reception..Back to Olden Kelatan

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Entry ini sgt basi..lebih basi dari susu pista (pistachio) 5 rupee yang I beli pastu peram dlm fridge sampai sebulan lupa nak minum and then dah tukar jadi pista lassi (kire dah jadi yoghurt la)...

Ini berlaku almost sebulan yang lepas. I went to my mom punye bestfren (Aunty Normah) daughter's wedding. It was held in their spanking brand new house in Paya Jaras. RUmah ini dibina CUSTOM okay. The architecture ape segala bagai was by Aunty Norman and Uncle Joe.

This is us in the car cam-whoring..that's my youngest sis (kalau u all terlupa la)

We were greeted by this superhuge gate! Terkejut I.. The gate tu fully made of wood and also the atas tu, u see all the triangular thingy? Those semua ada carving okay.

All aorund the area ada this kind of decor..

These are the ASWARA students who are performing that night.Alang-alang guna as props for sambut tetamu..clever2.

Behind me is the house. sila abaikan gaya yang serupa sakit pinggang itu..nampak slim konon..chet~

These are satin drapings yang just to serikan the walkway. The golden carved thing up there is polystyrene that has been painted. 

These are placed along the walkway to lit it up so that no one jatuh tersungkur on the way to the tables. 

Another view of the house from the side

 Pelamin, taken from the side.

The table setting. Yes, the amount of land this house was placed on is amazing. nak buat padang bola pon boleh okay!

 This is the stage for the night's performances.

Musical instruments. Takde main throut MP3 je. Live "band" ye.

My mom (black tudung w turqoise dress) with her best buds,aunty gayah and aunty zaharah..uncle sorry kay tak ingat nama la

The table setting. All was set dome. So that everybody can concentrate on the night's ongoings.

The makan beradab table.

My sis posing with the "hulubalang" -one on the left is the bride's bro, Johan

The I taruk besar sket eh..u all nak besar lagi sila click on the photo

This is what u see when you look up.

Bunga telur on pulut kuning (putih and merah) 

Other details pelamin..ketahuilah pelamin ini i had to bagi coverage lbih sket cz it costs the bride (and fam)
RM 20,000.00!

Kay dan satu lagi gaya konon-slim. Tapi yang ni jadi la jugak. 

Gamba table-mate. Ececeh macam kat dining hall college pulak ade table mates.

Para lelaki setable saya.My abah yang baju ijau tu. My bro baju biru petak2.
In olden kelantan, the bride and groom's rombongan is preceeded by an unmarried male holding the keris and an unmarried lady holding the tepak sirih..I forgot the significance. Sorry..hehe

The bride and groom. Wearing the Cik Siti Wan Kembang costume (Kelantan's most prominent lady of all times) and also the olden panglima/warrior outfit.

The bridesmaids.Ramai bukan?

The proud parents, Aunty Normah and Uncle Joe

Ni favour. Inside there was some sweets and a potpouri.This is for the ladies. Men instead got the same content, but in a black velvet drawstring pouch. The scent of the potpouri was different for us and the guys,

The bride and groom at the meja makan beradab. I had to gaduh with the other photographers just to get this clear shot. Lol~

The food, Nasi Hujan Panas. Here i would have to sadly remark that the caterer was really insensitive in terms of calculating the portions. There were 10 people per table. But the rice provided (despite each of us only taking this much) is only for 8 people. The chicken in the dome cuma ada 7 ketul and the daging was ridiculous ada 6 ketul je.Nasib baik udang was ample. We had to cut them into smaller pieces and share with each other. This was a huge mistake on the caterer's side. Siap our table tak dapat desert lagi. 

Drinks pulak only one glass each and mineral water one bottle per bottle yang 1.5 litre I can drink in 3 gulps okay~ (im not joking, i drink 4 litres of water daily..its a habit)

They had the makyong performance. 

The highlight of makyong is this. The dancer will walk in this bridge position to retrieve the money placed on the floor using her mouth.

And there was also fireworks!  Unfortunately, everyone is in the tent so nobody is able to see it. I had to leave the table and run to get the shots..just for you guy punye sake (reporter berjaya lah konon). This mistake could have been prevented by renting the transparent canopies like these.

The dikir barat. Another Kelantanese trademark dances.

Each table has been given a name. They are the names of prominent people in the past like Tok Janggut, Hang Tuah,Puteri Santubong etc etc

The ankle jewelries tu i have never seen anybody pakai dah kot. Zaman my mom dulu ada la.Interestingly they brought it back again.

The bride, i bagi besar2 so that lagi nampak. Makeup was really modern though.

Cucuk sanggul which was a trend like 20-30 years ago.

My mom w Johan and Aunty Normah

Kami gedik bergambar bersama..Notice that the groon looks like Mustafa Kamal..(and the funniest thing is, Mustafa Kamal was actually at the reception!! He went upstage to place the money for the dancer to retrieve with her mouth)

Ni pelamin nikah, Nikah was held one day before.

Contoh hantaran from bride to groom

Some of the hantaran money from groom to bride
Itu sahaja dari saya, hos anda malam ini..hope you enjoyed the liputan and dapat la inspiration sini sana. Ill come back with more weddings and engagements-when i get the chance to go- in your favourite "Survey Rakan2'' channel!
(Me posing at their front door which is made of kayu cengal ke jati..fully handcarved!)

Kay Kamal


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