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Ieja's Big Day: A Pink Affair

Posted by kay kamal at 5:49 PM
I attended my hi-school friend wedding on the 26th of was held in Felda Villa in Jalan Semarak. This is not my first time going to Jln Semarak..but indeed it was the umptenth time I sesat tiba-tiba dah sampai chow kit *apekah?*...Ya, saya mmg buta KL yang amat sgt bagi GPS pon (mungkin) masih boleh sesat. So kenduri yang mula pukul 6.30 ptg (pengantin sampai at 8.30pm) jadinye I paling VIP sampai kol 9.30pm.

So, masa tu dah gelap nak ambik gambar hape memang tak nmpak kena pulak org rabun malam mcm your truly ni. Most of these pictures i pict-napped from Eija's fb so boleh buat liputan.*ececeh...dedikasi la kunun*

Pertama-tama sampai dah di-greet ngan banner BAPAK BESAR yang kalah movie poster kat billboard (ok,ini adalah satu hiperbola). But still. I didnt manage to find out where Eija tempah this but the quality I really like. The design was by the bride and groom themselves. It was the according to the theme of this whole wedding. Which really was wonderfully matched. (the colors,i mean)

This was the hiasan that the friends (mainly bridesmaid) made. Since the majlis was malam, this would bring more seri to the whole thing. Unfortunately it was put at a not-too-strategic location that honestly I myself didnt realise it existed until I saw this pic in fb. was so nice and I believe was painstakingly made.

This is the atmosphere in the day. I think in the day would look nicer ad all photos would look so much better since the walkway wasnt properly lit and the beauty of the place is wasted (in a way). But maybe if they do it in the day, it'll too hot since the concept is garden-y type of wedding.

Bride's life chronicles. This was arranged by a friend of theirs.

Groom's life events, eternalised in various photos.

The "guestbook". This was really creative. Catches my eyes instantly.I saw this idea in TheKnot but so far never seen anyone done it. Guests are to write on the artcard papers using the multicolored pens and then tie them to the wishing tree..which the couple will bring back for their keeps.

Since I came in late, PADAN MUKA I didnt manage to take home any of these babies. They are custom made chocs with the wrapper of choice. Again if you have seen the card, it matches perfectly. I bet Eija really does have a good eye on details. Lovely.

This is the pelamin. Im not sure who did this but it was fresh flowers (full) and i liked it. Sweet.

The bride and her 5 bridesmaid. Pelik pulak 5. Biasa org amik number genap. Anywho, look at their dresses. Artsy girls,kan? They were given the materials to be made into their outfits of choice. I had to say i so love Mamai's dress (and the glads are to die for!) , Dira's sash ber-diamond bagai and their cute hand bouquets..

Eija's tiered dress will never work on me and Im jealous. I need to lose another 10kg before I can look presentable in it. Sigh~ *sila bersukan dan berdiet lebih gigih skarang!*

Ni masa bersanding. Kay si sesat negara missed it. *slaps forehead*

The atmosphere. Do you see the Twin Tower there in the background. Skali macam cite hantu pon ade.

Ni the seating arrangements, Can fit sooooooo many people at once and very casual too. Walk as u like to socialise.It's meant to be that way,

Sesi selit muka sendiri jap. Sebelah me is Bidor. Tiba-tiba ter-sama kaler lak..hehe

Cake mereka sungguh gah dan cantik. I tak merasa pon *ceh~ ade ke org ajak ko merasa ,Kay? sila dilarang perasan*. Im not sure who she tempah it from. Ill ask later. Huhu.

Sesi ngamik berkat. They are a really good looking couple. *Encik Luqman ku sayang, mari kita g gym,jap2 pas abes tulis entry ni okay*

Ni all the TKCians (well,okay most..ade yg dah pulang) yang bersikap gila-gila remaja sungguhpon ramai yg sudah jadi mummy org. Takpe, muda dihati=muda di muka. *ape la ko ngarut lagi ni*

It was really great seeing you girls again. Eija, thanx for the invite, I had fun there.Food was good, sayang tak mkn sepenuh jiwa kerana mulut mahu ber-pot-pet.Akhirnya Luqman yang berjaya merasa semua sambil berlagak *ches~* .The majlis was well done. Maybe some minor hitches but since suma org sebok happy jumpa each other, the minor2 kesilapan takde org pon akan sedar.I can safely say Eija (and fam) did a great job. Kudos! 

Eija, this enty is dedicated to you both, Semoga anda berdua happy together dunia akhirat. and semoga cpat2 dpt transfer agar dkat dimata dan di hati masing. 

Kay Kamal


ieja on March 15, 2010 at 6:23 PM said...

thankssss =)
it was indeed quite a simple wedding.

I did wrote a post mortem on it.
Read here:


kay kamal on March 15, 2010 at 6:29 PM said...

i read the post-mortem alredy last week..ya..saya baca blog anda dgn silentnya..hoho..* tamau ngaku nye org*

it was okay la was nice. u were beautiful.. saya mau spt itu juga..hak hak~

ieja on March 15, 2010 at 7:07 PM said...

btw to roughly answer your questions up there kan:

1) the banner. I buat through my uncle. He has his own printing company, so I designed it and just sent the copy to him and he handled the rest.
His company website it btw

2) the lanterns. Yea it was so gorgeous! VERY actually. Thanks to my girls =)

3) the atmosphere. I did wrote in my post mortem that I wished the pathway was being lit up too. BUT oh well, we just ran out of time. At first during discussed they said they'll put it but at the very last minute, they told me they didnt put it sbb they wanted to highlight kan the pelamin or else nanti nampak serabut sgt. But I do think a simple lampu2 kecik2 pon would be better =)

4) the guestbook. Came from Joey's idea actually :) and she incharged of everything. Thanks to them. Seriously.

5) we are currently still producing the chocs for those yang tak dapat. Claim one if you want one :)

6) Pelamin was my idea too. I worked with Dewan Perdana Felda punya pelamin punya org, and I gave him the sketch or specifically the picture and since the space is quite constraint, it turned out that way. Hehs

7) the bridesmaids were actually 6. Sorang lagi kat overseas tak dpt attend. Haha! :) and thanks, I bet you'll look super extra nice in your own dress =)

thanks! :)

kay kamal on March 16, 2010 at 9:21 PM said...

eija..tx for answering all my doubts.. n tx for the flattery in no 6. hehehe

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