Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Dream Wedding Band

Posted by kay kamal at 1:27 AM
Okay the other day i finished talking about choices sesuai ngn ill talk about mine. Whoever that knows me woule know that i like expensive looking things (bace elok2 okay..LOOKING..tak mesti mom says its all about the person's way of carrying it). Takde gune,sumpah takde gune kalau u pakai Jimmy Choos tapi jalan bersepah,rambut tak sikat and muke cam tak mandi kan? Ok Kay,sila jgn lari tajuk again.

Okay, so lets get to the piccies shall we?

This may be a lil too thick on the fingers though.
I have never yet seen this design in Malaysia. Anybody has?

I found this. But upon trying it looks more indah khabar dari rupa. So i decided to omit this one out. Sorry,ring number 3.

Yang ni i saw in a place i will nt tell...and i seem to be able to afford it.. We'll see

This design I believe I came across at My Diamonds but since it was fully platinum..alamak the poket also sudah bocor just by looking at it!
This was similar to ring number 3's case.. so, im sorry.. u are eliminated too

Yang double stranded camni actually not in trend anymore. So, tunggu masa la to have it back in the market. I guess it means goodbye.
This one,Im keeping the best for last! My favourite! So dainty and delicate yet promote such a status symbol. This can really make me the most royal-ly bride more than i can imagine! But this design so far I only see them online selling at like USD 12,000!! And that is white gold tau, not platinum. So, yes, goodbye to royal me~
In order to find the right ring, its the heart that counts. My engagement ring was decided that way. I tried like 30 rings at Tomei but end up buying it jugak. Eventhough there are others (more and less expensive ones) its just my heart falls to it. Its not a GIA certified diamond, nor it is the most beautiful. But to me, it was the one that catches my eye..and grabbed my heart. 

So, B2B make sure you are there to choose jugak. Cz something that may look good on someone else may just look a tad bit weird on you. Trust me.

Feel free to share your thoughts on your dream wedding ring,ya!

Kay Kamal


Anonymous said...

I want a vintage diamond wedding rings. Like this one. pulak nak carik kat malaysia macam ni.

kay kamal on March 19, 2010 at 12:13 AM said...

boleh kot kalau nk tempah tapi mhl la. tak pon kalau ade credit card u order je la..

Anonymous said...

dah copy paste dalam word gambar semua. print then bawak g merata jeweler. If no one can do it for cheap, had to buy from them lah.

kay kamal on March 19, 2010 at 11:56 AM said...

cheap is how much? for exactly camtu n if u nk diamond + whitegold...n diamond kate kan minimal flaw and color like I or J murah la sket.

size u jgn amik 0.5 carat tau..kalau nk..amik je 0.45 or 0.48 cz bile number tu naik sket je..harge akan mlambung2 ikut. tapi dimate kasar takde nmpak beza pon.

tapi zircon pon sgt cantik kalau pandai jaga. kalo kite tak gtau org, org pon tatau kan? *winks*

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