Monday, February 1, 2010

Im In Awe

Posted by kay kamal at 4:27 PM
As usual in the mornings I spent my time in Klinik Kesihatan Ujong Pasir.And today was a bit diffrent. We are usually attended by patients who are having minor alilments such as cough,cold,fever,diarrhea..or the occasional follow up for the diabetic and hypertensive patients..

We saw the card,Albert Ong Guan Bak..okay,mayb just another patient with diabetes and hypertension follow up..

This uncle,however..has a list of diseases that are so long standing and his conditions made him get transported to one department to another.He has,in summary:
1) Psoarisis--> Derm
2) Psoriatic Arthritis--> Derm/Ortho
3) Hypertension--> Med
4) Stroke 2X--> Med + neurology
5) CP angle tumor--> Neurosurgery
6) Renal Glycosuria--> Med+ Urology
7) Glaucoma--> Ophthal
8) Depression--> Psy
9) Drug-induced hearing-loss--> ENT
10) Right inguinal Hernia--> Surgery
11) Slow AF with frequent extrasystoles--> Med+ Cardio

And the best thing is that he is very very strong about living his life and try not to regret being a sick person. His wife is one of the toughest *minded* person i've ever seen since these all has slowly been progressing since 40 years ago.He is currently 71 years old.

He thought us well.He thought us his diseases..and he thought us about being good doctors. He also thought us life lessons we can never study in books.

To him,to his wife and to my dearest lecturer Dato' Dr Bala I dedicate this post.Cheers~

Kay Kamal


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