Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pomander Balls DIY

Posted by kay kamal at 5:55 PM

Bila masa sudah banyak,of course people will find time to kill it *sian masa~*

And in my case,sebagai seorang yang sudahla tak siap homework,study pon tak kemana hasil menjadi kutu bambu *heh,betulkah expression ini?*..I've decided to try on some so cute i have been day-dreaming about it for days!

Apakah itu Pomender Balls...*tidak,tidak..ianya bukan sejenis sukan dimana orang berlumba dengan memasuki seketul bola yg super-besar dan berlari di dalam agar boleh bergolek2 dan anda menang nombor satu,tidak*--> ini adalah jenaka dalaman..jika tak faham,its okay..tak luaknya nasik goreng anda *apekah?*

Anyway,I so love this decor item i just had to try making it.there are a couple of materials in which you can make your pomander balls. Ada guna fresh flowers,ada yang pakai artificial flowers and ada yg kedekut ber-budget rendah macam saya pulak akan gunakan crepe paper as an alternative.

Here I'm gonna show you step by step how to make a decorative pomander can choose to make a smaller one to fit the dainty hands of your flower girls to carry..*no more basket full of flowers nw..dah outta date*

okeh..these are what you will be needing..
1) 5 inch size styrofoam ball (RM 5.00 at my place..Nilai 3 cn get down to RM 3.00 je)
2) Wires just the slim kind would do (mine is RM 1.80..these can make a generous amount of pomanders)
3) Crepe paper with the color of your choice (my pink one are the thicker ones (RM1.00/piece--> can make 2Flowers), the thinner ones are so much cheaper and looks just as good (RM 0.50/piece--> makes 3 flowers!)
4) Ribbons (sizes of ur choice)
5) Glue gun (not in pic)
6) Jarum peniti (yg org pakai kat tudung nye style tu)

cut into one and half from the original crease like this

3 pieces makes a flower

Fold like u are folding a fan (around 7-8 folds)

continuation of the above

the finished fan

curl a piece of wire around it in the middle

And pintal the wire together as such

Flip the petals one by one as shown above

A flower done!
Place the flower as above-->pacak into the polystyrene ball tu

U can either put it on a stand --> ignore kerepek pisang..just for illustration purposes tak jmpe bekas lain

Or add in ribbons so dat it can be hanged like in the 1st pic..

I knw my 1st try does not look as good as the ones i saw on the net but basically its the same way of doing it..mayb diffrent hands have diffrent

Ouh,btw..i used 12 flowers per 5 inch ball

Have fun trying and good luck!

Kay Kamal


Si Jelita on February 1, 2010 at 4:46 PM said...

kay...i pening la everytime nak post comment coz byk sgt ntah pape kat bawah ni yg cover d box area....btw, cute flower...

kay kamal on February 1, 2010 at 8:02 PM said...

i tatau cmne nk kuarkan..mayb i shud find another layout la..ill get to dat..*almaklum buta html*

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