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Medan Day 2

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Okay, I da bgn tdo and all geared up for 2nd day!--> mcm cite live je..pdhal cerita minggu lpas.

This was taken right in front of the hotel lobby. Notice the ukiran at the back. i told  you its everywhere. We left for Medan right afterwards.Again, a 6-hour road trip!

This hotel i bagi 3 stars la. In terms of location its well and good. The rooms are decent but smells a bit mouldy. Toilet was not bad but there's no sitting type,with no flush *nid to jirus with water* and NO HOT WATER *the heater perlu la break down wen we came,kan~* !! And its friggingg cold up ther in the morn,okay~!

Otherwise it was decent enough.

This is me and my bro n my sis in front of the hotel still. We liked the small house replica back there.Kinda cute,u see..

Full view of the hotel, plus the car. Notice the cerulean blue skiy..beautiful,ain't it?

This was totally unexpected. The tyre just burst midway! There was a huge hole and Nando *the driver,its his name* accidentally ran over it. And BAM! The car wobbled a bit and then when he stopped,we all go..woo~!

He changed the tyre all y himself! Considering his small bulilt i thot it was not possible but he pulled the task like a breeze. Hebat,eh?

At the time we arrived yesterday i didnt realise this signboard cz i was sound,yeah

Behind is the Danau Toba seen from a hilltop.

Dad loved that particular tree so much he made me take many photos of it. lol~! Here i used my polariser..mana tau tiba2 got some vignetting pulah..hmmmph~ tapi i thot overall it still looked nice.

Sesi ber-picnic. We went to this waterfall. It was lovely. But.. story coming up! Here kami makan nasik kotak. The lunch has been pre-packed in a box woth air and tissue suma inclusive..if i could find a picture..hmm..jap ye..tatau mana ltak

Perlukah amik gamba muke begini tak siap?

Before the start of expedition. It was a 2km hike down and another 2km hike up! Ni team yang turun. The rest *more senior ones* stayed up..and they were wise to do was super steep midway down like climbing down a ladder! Like 90 degrees kot.. Penat2. and i actually went up and down with my corset on! No woder climbing made me breathless. Thank goodness for daily treadmill with level 13 incline! I managed without terpengsan tga jalan. And i owe Mael this comfort of clmbing since he advised me to pt on my running sneakers for this trip. Jasamu dikenang~

This is the waterfall. See how tall? I was hoping to go all the way down to the anak sungai so that i could take thos flowy soft pictures of the water like photographers used to do. But i was scared to go further cz the camera was really heavy and it distorts my balance. Kang jatuh mampoih i kene ganti syirul;'s RM 2K lens...dats like 4 months worth of scholarship! *gasps*

On the way. Notice how steep the walkway is. And also how narrow. Only allows 1 person at a time comfortably and safely. I suggest that you wear appropriate shoes for this since the walkway is a lil wobbly and uneven. And remember to wear ur most comfy track pants and the thinnest tshirt you can find. Though cold,after the long walk you tend to sweat urself crazy!! Another thing is please strap on some drinking water with you. I almost died of thrist! Like seriously..

We were alresy 3/4th way through when we couldnt make it anymore. It was too steep down and not many support to hold on to. Im concerned about the camera. By this time, Mom alredy quit and stayed at the gazebo halfway down. Good thinking she had though. Coz she has plantar fascitiis and it will only get worsen if she came along w us. Also, the shoes wasnt approriate. Another is that the walkway becomes harder to walk on by at least 3 levels compared to the eralier ones!

The 2 boys alredy went down all the way cz they wanted to challenge us girls. We called em up but they were like too waaaaaaaaay down they cant hear us alredy! So, we decided to go back to the gazebo to wait with mom. Oh My God, the climb upwards was such a pain!!! I can feel my thigh muscles burn! ---> even my daily 2-hour gym sessions are unable to keep me in shape for this..teruk betul. *macam mana nk hike Kinabalu ni?*

Taking a breather in the gazebo while waiting for the boys to climb up...

An hour passed and they are still nowhere to be seen. The mobile signal was so bad we can't each em by phone.I went down again. Only quarterway thru and Nando came down ever so swiftly and asked me to get back while he carried on retrieving those 2 silly boys. Mom was really in a bad mood so Yah wrote this after she got scolded by mom for no reason. LOL~!

Translation of the phone screen: today everybody is so emotional and impatient

Finally after some time (make it another 20mins) they emerged. Boy was fine,walking and smiling. Yo was the one acting like he's gonna die anytime.Adoi sangatla tak fit adikku ini. mengaku rugby player tapi stamina hampeh~ See how he slumped himself on the walkway evry 5 seconds..*menggeleng kepala*

We mati-mati thought dat Boy was gonna the one who's panting since he has chilhood asthma. Mana tau he came up lepak je...But come to think of it..Boy plays hockey since he was in primary and he a couple of times cycled from Terengganu to Thailand! So,i bet he shudn't be looked down upon.

Sorry Boy we underestimated you~huhu

Look at how terseksa he looks like..haih~...teruk..teruk

My grandma is the head of all worrywarts in the world so when the 2 silly boys came up. She was smothering them with hugs and kisses on their sweaty foreheads *how eww~*. She kept on scolding them still.."I told you ________" (fill in the blanks) is her favourite quote.

After all the commotion then my grandma is able to smile again and do some poses..haha..pelakon terbaik~! My grandpa is the cooler one so, thumbs up tokki~!

These kinda pics are my fav..i like the way the sun shines a " Pencerahan Agung" *ape la ko ngarut kay~*

Midway Tokwan mau stop cz she was tempted by the fruit stalls along the road.So we stopped for durians! My family are avid durian lovers. Me? I kinda stopped eating durian since i went to India and i myself dun know why. But my grandma insisted that i ate 2-3 i did...and later i got headache in the car..*mayb that why i stopped eating them..hurmm~*

Potong durian perlu seni sekiranya anda mahu simpan jari jemari anda.

Look how khusyuk...abaikan poser berdua berbaju biru navy and berbaju hitam

We finally arrived at the hotel. Perjalanan patut only 6 hirs becamme 9 hours! Thanks to *recap of events* tayar bocor, silly boys sesat and makan2 buah. This hotel we checked in is a 4-5star hotel owned by a Malaysian. Nama hotel was Semarak International Hotel.My room was a standard. Mom and dad stayed in a deluxe which is waay better and slitely more expensive..around RM 150+/room/nite .Situated only 10 mins away from the airport. The aircond in my room i dunno why so cold. The place was a good stay. Ada swimming pool but i didnt remmber to bring my swimsuit. Sedey~

Do not suka hati eat from the snack bar cz the prize is at least tripled! There is a mall *likened to The Store" here called Rmayana. Those gave me good buys (RM 45 dpt 3 tops okay~) since it was on Imlek (CNY) sale. But the lady DJ/Promoter/Announcer was so loud and annoying i felt like strangling her!

Afterwards we sent to was another tiring day..but i was unale to sleep thanks to the freezing air-cond yang even dah tutup pon tatau macam mane can still function. *haunted apa?*

Wait up for day3,ya~!


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