Sunday, February 14, 2010

Medan Day 1

Posted by kay kamal at 1:42 AM
As promised..but ill make it picture laden instead.Its already 3am in the morn n Im so super-tired

Our flight is at 7.40am. So we are expected to check in around 6.40 am the latest. 5am dah up and about to mandi n stuff..Uncle Ravin (ibu's driver) picked us up. Really,we were still tired and eyes as mostly still shut tight.
Me at airport

Checking in

Bfast pack sendiri...nasik lemak

Sampai je Medan,roadtrip lagi 6 hours to arrive at Danau/Lake Toba

Perlukah bilik bernama Tomok??
Deluxe Fam room interior 1

Deluxe Fam room interior 2

Interior 3

In the private garden outside. This is my Cik Ngah.Me dad's younger sister

Mom and Yah
The Danau seen from our hotel back garden

Sorta a jetty

While waiting the older people negotiating boat prices

Tokki climbing up the boat
Tudung semua becomes penyek tx to the wind
I loved so much how the water sparkles like diamonds

I saw this pakcik fishing..and i thot dat it looked cool.sadly i dun hav a tele lens to REALLY capture him
The boat is actually (kinda) 2 storey. The girl is my sister, the one in black w red writings my bro,and one w the sling bag is my cousin.

The more senior ones. Tok Wan,Cik Ngah, Mom and Dad..Tokki on the other side

Kubur batu is the graveyard for royalties of the Batak people. The remains are kept in the stone carvings. They are NOT buried.

The walkway has many small2 shops. Variety f items. Bargain well and you'll come back a happy person. No need to wait till pasar in Medan to buy cz here can b affordable if you are persistent. Try putting half price (from their stated) as ur offer and work on it.Also,to get to Medan's Pasar Ikan (which sells evrything..not only ikan) is very cumbersome as it gets "macet" (traffic jam) like at ALL times.

Various Materials sold here. Im not sure what kinda fabric they are..didnt remmber to touch em.

Typical Batak carvings. Its evrywhere! Benches, houses, hotels, shops.. u name em!

Me mom and dad.. yeah,dad hardly smiles in pictures. When he was younger he did tho

Look how windy..this is on our way back alredy. Elish bought the Pashmina shawl there.. estimated price around RM 20. Just slightly expensive than in Goa.

Our boat. Costs Rm100 thru and fro. I thot it was reasonable enough since we dominated it and at our time. No need for restrictions.

The roads remind me of Manali for some reason

Dinner time!! Notice the amount of food on the table..and yes, we finished em all!

Suharto's House. This is just a tempat persinggahan.Not official living place.

Its kinda creepy here at night.. so,we speculated ghosts and stuff..silly aite.

Afterwards we went back. So flat out. Just had a bath and slept. The day was good so two coming,tunggu ya! *but the net is super duper slow (celcom broadband) i doubt i can fin my travel n living channel report ni..grr~*


farah_AJ on February 14, 2010 at 10:30 AM said...

wuuuhuu so nice *clap

tokki? mcm org pantai timur la

kay kamal on February 15, 2010 at 2:05 PM said...

tempat ni mmg bes pon..if only there was more like to move in more trip was such a rush..

n yes,my dad's side is trengganu! pandai2

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