Monday, February 22, 2010

Pre-Wedding Photography

Posted by kay kamal at 6:06 PM
We are already booking our pre-wedding photographer..which im still contemplating..

Check em out.Both are REALLY2 talented people Fique and Ehssan. Ehssan is my fren since my kindergarten days..and i knew Fique thru random friendster thing then we contacted constantly thru FB and YM since my 1st year med school! (now im in 5th year) yet to meet fique im waiting for Ehssan quotation to see which suits my budget better.

It got me thinking for a while.What theme should my pre-wedding photos be centered around? Luqman loves the old school (we talking vespa kind of old school here).. and me?

I love the ones people take in the middle of a forest..or maybe beaches. Yes, i know its all so cliche-d but its classic.Never turns old.

Maybe choosing a historical site.Most chosen ones are the A'Famosa fort and some buddhist temples. But that (Buddhist temples) would render inappropriate considering our cultural background.

Railway stations can prove to look real nice in photos but takkan i nak pergi KTM station?

The sawah padi/paddy filed is also really beutiful but where to find one in the KL/Selangor area?


Some now opt for a very modern approach in which they take KLCC/ Bintang Walk/ The Pavillion as their place.But since i have never step foot there,it hold no sentimental value to that got me feeling urm~

There are ideas of using vintage houses.Sadly my family do not own one. Boleh sewa sehari ke?

Luqman gave his thought about Masjid Negeri Selangor. The one w the white and blue dome but to me..nak bergaya-gaya kat masjid for a PRE-wedding (read: pre) seems tak seswai la pulak.

Oh,so vintage~

Some people made the jetty look so wonderful u feel like living there


Other daring ones uses public transport and buat muka tak segan.

A garden would be wonderful but anybody has any ideas where?

Bukit Cerakah seems promsing..hurm..

What about using a really cool transportation item as ur prop?


*credits to owners of all these lovely pictures*

Kay Kamal


farah_AJ on February 23, 2010 at 12:45 AM said...

klu bab photography <-- i am dem excited
saja nk share ok, Rolandhashim pun bagus coz my kazen mgunakan khidmat mereka...ouh bila tgk album tu i feel like i nak book mereka *haha over plaks

ala2 garden kt kelab golf blkg MSU tu ok

haaa...ladang 15 kt UPM pn ok <--mcm NZ taw, been there

klu nak kwsn sawah2 blh try tanjong karang...fuhh mmg xsilap da.

kay kamal on February 23, 2010 at 1:18 PM said...

i just saw his work..agak nice tapi tade pakej pre-wed pon..yg wedding punye inys-allah da settle.

ladang 15? wah,kne try tgk ni..ill google it.

blakang MSU ade hotspot bergamba? meh tgk sat

tanjong karang frm shah alam bape jauh ye?

tx sgt2 tau..i lap u so much~!

frhyh on March 15, 2010 at 11:58 PM said...

it is too late to comment here? haha..

nway, putrajaya pun byk nice spots. like botanical garden dia. aku pnah tgk org buat wedding photoshot kt situ. nice! xpun byk lagi lakes kat situ, n bridges yg canggih manggih =P

kalo ko nk kat penang, boleh la aku suggest byk tmpt best. ahaqs!

kay kamal on March 16, 2010 at 12:10 AM said...

eh,sgtla blm terlewat. saye suke angan2 awal2. so later tak kabut. that souds like a nice place. bole consider nih

widat said...

k.kay..widat rasa dlu pnh dgr psl satu hotel kt ptrajaya ni (ke cyberjaya ek?) yg mmg best utk pre wedding shoot tak sure hotel pe nama die..die mcm ade hutan2 gak kt area hotel tu..

kay kamal on May 20, 2010 at 6:14 PM said...

eh,ye ke? ill checkout ok..tq!

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