Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Medan Day 4..Goodbye!~

Posted by kay kamal at 2:11 AM
Sesungguhnya on our last day the whole program was so distorted. We were running here and ther yet we accomplished NOTHING.    

1st off abah made a mistake by leaving behind the printed flight itenary on the coffee table back in Shah Alam. Then we spent like 30 mins in the hotel's business centre just to reconfirm everything. Buang masa la jugak.

Then we went to the shopping mall..cant remmber the name but the mall is pointless actually. Tak boleh beli ape cz it was expensive. Btter lagi i go Midval macam ni. They wanted to bring us to the pasar *pasar ikan is the name* but said that the pasar only opens after noon..I personally find it ridiculous.

This is just to demonstrate the number of people eating and also how much i ran away from my routine 'no sugary drinks' diet. Daily 2 doses of teh manis..oh my poor pancreas. Please do NOT do this. Drink sugary drinks only once in a week at most! *this is a community service message*

We did not manage to go to the pasar, so we ended up waiting at the airport for like 2 and a half hours. Thank god for duty free shops. At least we were able to window-shop there. The lady in brown scarf was my maid 6 years ago. We actually liked her and wanted to extend her stay... sadly she was a carrier of HEP C and was unable to pass her health check. We kept in touch though.. Her house is 2 angkuts/ 15mins away from the airport. So, we went for a visit,picked her up, went around then she saw us back.

Back in LCCT..thanks so much Kak Anis for bringing Byu (my car) here. It has been a while since we hanged out. Mayb this March? huhuhu..

The whole journey was indeed a rush and tiring but i'm happy i went *initially i decided not to due to my classes* and spent quality time with my family. This may be my last (or second last) trip w my family as an unmarried person *gasp*. And things are really gonna be different after this. I hope for the better. Isn't it better for another person to be added to the group? The more the merrier aite?

Or am I just having some cold feet bride-y jitters here?

Kay Kamal


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