Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Medan Day 3

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By the third day,number of pictures taken are significantly reduced as you can witness as you carry on reading..hoho..

Buffet bfast was provided at Semarak International and it was decent. Variety was not that much but the food tasted good. I remembered eating some toast, a rice porridge,some nasik lemak, slices of fruits and also lontong.. Yes,i know it sounds many alredy but I'm so used to the ones with rambang mata options places im comparing with those *which is unfair cz those are 5 star hotels* . But still~

This was what i had for bro called it gedaBAKSO..U see for people who do not understand.. Gedabak means huge. Bakso on the other hand are the meatballs. And literally mine is just slitely smaller than a tennis!

This filled me up to the brim since i don't like wasting food..i drank the soup down till the last drop!

It's unusual to go to ANY part of  Indonesia without spending time at their spas. Its at least 2X cheaper than in Malaysia. There is however a need to scout around for good places just in case they overcharge you or its simply outta ur budget or you just do not like the place. Go in and see first. NEGOTIATE the packages, discounts or anything before paying and then only go. Make sure try booking and pay some advance money  at least in the morning if you plan to go later in the day or you would end up not having any openings.

These pics are to show the 'before'.

'Before' picture of the whole gang.. The gentlemen and the boys went to a massage parlour..*masseurs are guys..fret not*

This is our after pic. I do not know if we really turned out that radiant or anything but i remmbered having a 5 hour sleep though..

RM 70 scored me a full facial (the usual cleansing,scrub,steam,suction of the blackheads and stuff  and the facial mask)...and also a full body servicing. I lay there being massaged all over *and i do mean ALL OVER*, sat in a steam bath for 20 mins,scrub/lulur, then body mask. I was literally
molested there,nothing left. Ouh,mayb except for my *ehem*. Yes, they did the butt and the boobs too..sigh~ (just close my eyes and pretend nothing happened there)


Another durian eating session!! *someone help me please!!*

Thois is the insides of the King of Fruits. *intended for those who has not been exposed to em* . This fruit is "heaty" so it is not advisable to eat on hot days...However,if you do happen to eat them, my grandma passed on a turun temurun /generations by generations down a tip.. 


Fill in some water in the emptied durian shell...any plain drinking water shud do it. Enough for one gulp.


Drink right from it! *as demonstrated by my sister ther*. Trust me its very tricky to get it right. It will otherwise end up on ur lap instead!

This tip of reducing 'hetiness' however i am not able to scientifically prove or disprove. So,if you people tried, do lemme know ya!

Since I dun exactly eat em..its the only way to look like i actually got involved.haha

The durian-crazed gang.

With this much of can seriously give me nightmares! Please dun get me involved w this much durian again unless it has been cooked ito a pengat. Or made into a dodol or lempuk. I would otherwise have a really bad headache. And yes.. my usual panadol cannot help me.

That night I did not sleep..this time not the aircon but the durian. Adoi~


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