Saturday, May 1, 2010

Style Photography I Like (for sanding and nikah)

Posted by kay kamal at 1:21 PM
This time entri mencuci mata pulak. The other day i talked about pre-wed photography nye its the style of photography im dreaming to have on my wedding day(s)..esp the nikah and sanding. Tandang abg pikirkan la ye..yimie tak larat da..hehe

Gamba pecah2 sket so terima je la ye..hehe. sorrry~

Ni katne? sapa tau?

Main bayang2 mesti mau ada ok~!

I found THE CARPET yg can create this effect..kebetulan me mom bli satu~! yeay

Ni i nak make sure my OP amik. It is like such an important part of the event! (at least to me la)

This couple SAAAANGAT daring..i like!

I can never know how to crop this way..nice..

and this one plis jgn lupe..penat the decorator bertungkus, mesti mau ada

Itu saje entry pendek a.k.a pre-exam entry from me.. next week promise isi baaaaanyak entri punya!~ 


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