Thursday, May 6, 2010

So to (Shutter)speak

Posted by kay kamal at 11:00 PM
The name Shutterspeak memang bukan nama baru for people yang at least sekali pernah go thru majalah Ratu Sehari and Pengantin.4 tahun bukan sekejap. Sudah gah nama Shutterspeak dipersada photography/ Visual Arts di bumi Malaysia ni.  As an ardent fan of photography and weddings myself, of course la meng-usha para photographer yang paling best (dan menepati budget) would be my utmost priority on the list...since a pic not only speaks a thousand words, they last u lifetimes altogether!

I always love pictures that capture moments. Kalau happy biar btul2 orang tengok trus rase nak senyum, kalau sedih biar berderai airmata yang menatap gambar tu, if it its meant to be romantic, let love fill the heart of the one seeing it.. u know, as such the emotions are embodied eternally in the pieces of memories that are there to stay..never to be forgotten.

Seeing this pic make me feel,aww~ the couple are sharing a good time despite their hectic Big Day and it is really heartwarming to see so. Composition pon superb lak tu

The elegance is timeless.. i love how they play with croppings and desaturation.. don't it make u wanna have this kinda pic so much? Lagi pulak ngan veil yang berterbangan tu... ouh, i just fell head over heels

Making use of the sunbursts are one of my favourite! It adds some form of mystery and quirkiness to the whole setting,kan? Kena pulak seaside..termimpi2 I

Of so many photos I have ever seen on pre-wedding portraiture, this one is my idol. Just look at it, the love is so intense i can feel my heart slowly bursting inside. Like the models are silently whispering to each other "Don't let me go.. make me eternally yours".. it haunts me..simply does

Details would be another i am crazy of.. I mean especially for weddings as such, brides (& the others yang terlibat) spend their hours,days,weeks,months and sometimes years just to perfect the smallest of the minor-est details of the Big Day.. It is only justifiable if the photographer is brilliant enough to notice and bring a huge smiles on the faces later on.. I hearts ~

Thinking outta the box. Eventhough if taken full this may just be another picture of a couple formally sitting down trying to look good (and mayb plain bo-ring~).. deciding a different way of seeing how the pictures are to turn out is the mark of a great photographer. And pictures will turn so much interesting  it is impossible to NOT wanna look. I can bet u that u will at least look at this pic for 10 seconds.......*10 seconds over* ..kan?

Mesti ade yang apekah Kay wat entry camni? The answer is simple.. the great people at Shutterspeak wishes to hadiahkan their most precious in this year of 2010..their services.So they decided to come up with this contest called 2010 SpeakAbout Us Contest

I know their pricetag is not for me to afford, but it is always free to look,and dream..

Of course I wish to win this...if god wills, i would. But at the same time i have no reason to be kiasu to not share it with the world. So here goes. Click this to win urself a supercool pakage/discount voucher from Shutterspeak. And make ur moments last forever..


under the sky on May 7, 2010 at 1:13 AM said...

ala bestnya gmbr yg 1st tu...effortless

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