Thursday, May 20, 2010


Posted by kay kamal at 2:05 PM
Ya, dah masuk 4 mlm i tak dpt tdo *wen im tensed this is wat gonna happen to me* hasil terpikir2 bab canopy and catering...

So, any of u peeps ade quote from cateres and canopies sekitar KL/Selangor...bole mail to me tak? pls~~~

Termasuk for decor dewan. tapi my main cncern would be:
1) hiasan dewan ( and apa yang ada dlm pakage tu)
2) meja pengantin and hiasan
3) meja guests X 45  (8 pax)+ kerusi plastik+sarung+riben
4) meja buffet X 2 sets
mail me here:

Jasamu dikenang

p/s: im on a budget..


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