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Compilation of Experiences by My Wifey-Friends on Contraception

Posted by kay kamal at 5:31 PM
I did this small survey on like 30 ladies but the comeback was quite dissapointing. However, to those who helped..timekasih daun keladi..

So, many have been asking me over and over again regarding this topic..CONTRACEPTION. I totally understand since the nature of this blog is about wedding preps..and also bcz i am a medical student myself.

Textbook-ly speaking is easy..but when it comes to real life.. Half the things i learned becomes utter opposites..Thus this survey..

Read on to know more,ya:

Wifey 1: i used pill for contraception..x berani nk pakai IUD lg since lum penah pregnant lg..i think pill is quite safe for yg belum beranak lg..alhamdulillah so far xde ape2 effect..xtau lak in future nnt camner..most of my frens yg guna pun ckp xde side effect.jenama avianne kalau x silap..

(She is cureently married for 8 months,full time living w hubby. not yet preggie)

Wifey 2: ramai je doctors yg guna ocp dear. im using barrier method tho, works fine for me. :)as for my frens yang pakai, weight gain ada... acne n the rest not really lah.. :)

(She is a houseman a.k.a junior doctor now,married for 2 years. full time living w hubby. yet to be preggie)

Wifey 3 :to answer your question,,,i suggest not taking any birth control pills as it will only mess up your hormones and u dont know how your body will react to it,,some of my frens put on weight and also some find it hard to conceive after you get off of i guess the natural preventive way and condoms will be my best suggestion,,haha,,weird that we're talking about this pulak,,hope it helps,

(she has been married for 6 months now, fully living w hubby. not pregnant as for the moment)

Wifey 4: well, to be honest.. i started with the COCP (combined OCP).. but then after about 1 year on it, i stopped coz my hubby balik msia.. after about one year later i developed a really bad migraine. classic migraine with the paraesthesia and all.. so at the moment, i cant take any more of the hormonal contraception.. 

so now use condoms je la.. to be honest, it depends on people.. if u not sure the body can accept hormonal stuff as contraception, might as well try on the COCP first.. sbb its easier to stop.. then kalo rase dah serasi with it.. bleh je take implants, or injection.. kalo malas nk makan ari2.. but then, IUD ni mostly adviced for people yg senang lupe, and at least pernah pregnant before.. condom is the best method la.. kalo ikutkan.. doesnt really disrupt ur hormonal balance, no side effects, but then have to use it properly la for a good contraception method..

there's no actual study bout how migraine n COCP related. but somehow, statistically, mmg ramai yg baru developed migraine is because of the pill..both either stopping form it, or starting.. i mmg dulu underweight.. so gaining weight is actually a bonus to me.. i dulu makan mercilon.. then change to loestrin.. actually pill ni ade byk jenis.. SE acne and weight gain pun doesnt happen to all yg amik.. and also u have the option of progesterone only pill.. which SE wise may be less..pills ni its more of a try and error.. different people reacts differrently.. so just kene berani amik risiko la kot..

(this wifey is also a final year medical student thus more explanation. not pregnant yet. but hubby is now in msia n she in UK. they were married since 3 years back but hubby n her lived together fully for 2 years b4 hubby kena balik msia to start working-she is his junior. so belom abes blaja)

Wifey 5: Hehe..masa dulu2 jumpa husband once a wk,tolak time period,brp kali je pun jumpa dia time betul2 to be on the safe side, pakai je la condom..i nvr pakai iud,ocp, injectable hormones..takut skrg dh naik dh berat.huhu..

(she got preggie 2 years after marriage, thus the weight gain la. during the time she was a wekkend wife, she travelled WEEKLY Melaka-KL to see the hubby)

Wifey 6: my doc advice srh wat contraceptive injection 100% xpregnant tp i x wat i mkn pill atau pancut dinding jer hehe.. nyway u cn browse thru da net or consult wt doc...

(they have been married for 3 years now. living fully together but mayb nature of work that requires frequent travelling -stewardess and steward- cntributes too. she is not pregnant yet)

Wifey 7:  from my experience.. I makan pil 'mercilon', it's one of the mildest pills in the market.. Even safe for bFeeding mothers.. Ade lg satu brand jasmine kalau x silap. Tu pun mild jgak. Some ppl xnak ambil pill sbb kene mkn tiap2 hari without lupe. But for us, kalau same2 igtkan masing2.. InsyAllah xkan lupe.. 

IUD? My gynae ckp not advisable utk ladies yg blum pernah melahirkan anak.. Coz die nak masuk dlm 'sane' kan.. So utk awal2 ni.. Mkn la pill atau injection.. Injection tu buat skali 3 tahun kot.. Or ade tempoh lain..

Org tue2 slalu ckp la, jgn mkn pill la nnti susah nk beranak la sume.. Tp actually all those not proven.. It actually depends on whether u mmg subur ke tak to begin with.. So org dulu2 x penah2 check kesuburan trus blame the pills.. I asked my doc kt msia n london.. Sume pun ckp it depends on ur fertility rate to begin with..

Well, in terms of gemuk tu mmg awal2 tu trase la coz x biase lg.. But kejap je.. After I consulted a few docs.. Mmg die ckp pill tu kan regulate ur hormones.. It makes u happy in a way.. So when u're happy, u eat.. Haaa gemuk la!!

So it's all in the mind la basically.. So I pun start to eat less, exercise a lot.. Alhamdulillah turun balik cepat.. N then after tu macam biase je.. I mkn ubat for 3 years.. After I stop.. Ktrg xnak try dulu..(Gune 'alternative traditional' means).. When ktrg btul2 try.. About 3 months dah conceived dah..

Hope this helps!

(she conceived after 5 years of marriage cz they got married after A-levels then sambung wat their baby Nik Aaron was totally planned for)

Im sorry I cannot do more to help all the B2B out there but hope this can guide ur informed decisions... Good Luck!


bride2wife on May 21, 2010 at 11:24 AM said...

hi dear..
OCP mmg save, n u shud take it since u'll b doin ur intern soon rite..getting pregnant during internship can be troublesome. but dun worry, fertility will immediately resumes rite after u stop taking it..

alot of my frens guna ok je..side effect tambah weight gain tu can be due to water retention..soo, u can try 'Mercilon'
'Yasmin' is good cause it can help u in some degree of acne bestie whos doing gynae cakap kalau nak kulit cantik can try it ;)

kay, u'll still have time to apply ur eyeliner n all dear..u can MAKE the time! :)
i never be around the hospital without my eyeliner, blusher and lipgloss even if im postcall!!

sorry, tersyok comment sendiri pulak..i link u ok? :)

kay kamal on May 21, 2010 at 12:44 PM said...


tx so much for ur cmprehensive..erm~review? hehe. lol..i takde la ade ALL the time pakai eyeliner,blush n gloss pon.. esp bila ade all day nye posting 7am-11pm tu..the mlm nye i cudnt b bothered. pagi

u comment byk2 pon takpe sweetie..i like bace ur comment. i linked u too tau!

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