Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Wanna Watch Toy Story 3!!!

Posted by kay kamal at 2:34 PM
Ok,sapa tak mau tgk sila pass tix anda pada saya so that saya bole watch 18 kali! hehehe

i grew up watching Toy Story.. Still remember the 1st one when jealousy was so much the center of the story i feel for Woody..yes, saya seorang emo. Each and every character in the Toy Story was a delight to watch. Lagi lagi pulak i grew up in the USA..so half the toys displayed in the movies are my all time FAVS!!

I have Slinky and Mr. Potatohead in my personal collection.

and...I actually have 2 dozen of Barbies siap ngn kereta, bedroom set, pets, kitchen sets, u name it. half my room Barbie saja! Lol~

I was rather dissapointed that in the 1st one they didnt feature barbie but i came to know that Mattel was afraid that if the movie was to fail, down Barbie's name will go with it. But it turned out a huge hit and melted heartts of gazellions!

Which was why Mattel decided they would join the crowd.hehe

This time, i so wanted one of my well loved toy (i still ada this fellow at home,tau! ) to make the cast merrier!

Ya, i miss this guy...used to make believe im calling places far off kononnye perasan executive la. Model hot sedang secure own contract la. Telepon boyfie 3000 miles away la..mind you i was 4!

Im not sure how he will turn out to be in this upcoming movie..but I sure as h*ll will catch him!


Now can you?


Anonymous said...

u r the luckiest girl. as for me, not. I grew up playing dirt and sometimes if we are lucky, we get to play by the river and even luckier if we get to cycle outside of our house compound.

So. Never get the chance to play with any sorts of toys... sob sob

but I do love toy story *big grins*

farahfatihah on May 25, 2010 at 3:55 PM said...

hi kay..citer yg best! xsabo nak tgk!!!

kay kamal on May 25, 2010 at 5:14 PM said...

zara,sweetie..i also had my fair share of dirt tp sbb im badly allergic to dust,dirt etc..i had to be kept home. hehe..thus~ and kat US mana sgt la nk dpt dirt suma. masuk winter and fall sgt sjuk my parents would lock us in

i really enjoyed panjat pokok and mandi sungai bile balik kampung kat my gramps nye kebun..huhu

farahfatihah, mesti tgk yg 3D!!!

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