Friday, January 15, 2010

Nacha's Big Day: My First Indian Wedding Reception

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Nacha broke Batch 17 MMMC record wen she suddenly came up and announced "people,im getting married".. most of the batchmates reacted like they accidentally tertelan sabun, which was totally understandable since Nacha is a person who doesnt believe in falling in love.

I,however didnt react as such,i knew it was coming wen she gave me the "hush2" attitude before dropping the bomb on me. I smiled,hugged her and said "congrats!". She was the one end up being dumbfounded *u shud see ur face Nacha,sgt kelakar okay*

Anyway,this post is actually the continuation of the last post.Since the reception is held in Alor setar,at the Kedah Royal Golf Clubhouse *which is actually a frigging HUGE dewan yang amat cantik--drools~*

It was a dinner party and supposedly starts at 8pm..tapi biasalah..around 9pm baru la ada ciri2 nak start..*perut gruk-gruk*

Bride and groom were really cute together.Nacha never looked better *loved the hair,makeup is a lil too mature for you,my darling* and her hubby is comel~

Nacha's mom looked like Mdm Lakshmi half of us almost ducked down the table! Everyone was "shit,Lakshmi!" --> Mdm Lakshmi is our Medicine lecturer who is very particular about you answering correctly and not play a fool in class...or outside the other words,she wants you to eat,read and sleep medicine,unlike watever i am doing currently.

Food was marvellous i was tempted for a third helping!! Adoi~..*jangan,jangan... abes gym seminggu*

It was a beautiful reception..sayangnya the photo montage was unable to be screened thanks to the Clubhouse people who conveniently FORGOT to check if their projector is working or not..*sigh~*

However the hitches are. Really, I had a really good time. It was really worth the long journey naik bas 12 jam tak dpt tido cz Luqman ate ALL my sleeping pills and snored thruout the nite in the bus! * I love u still,sayang*

To Nacha and Nachi..I wish you great times ahead and that you will always love each other no matter the distance. Happy wedding you love birds!

Kay Kamal


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