Sunday, January 17, 2010

Multi-tasker Me

Posted by kay kamal at 11:06 PM

The next day pulak is Hani and chopbon's engagement day *did i mention i lived at Hani's while i was in Alor Setar?*

Why am I a multitasker in this particular post?

well you see,a day before i left for Alor Setar,sang hero telepon...
"kay,ko ade SLR tak?"
"please jadik photographer kitorg"---> daku ternganga..

Then when i arrived
"ouh,doctor ka" Hani's mom
"eh,belum cik..taun depan"
"ni kay makcik nak tanya..awat tangan makcik ni dok sakit?"
"erk~!"--> this was 6 am..n i was still suffering from my lack of sleep

The day of engagement..
"awat letak karpet ni,mak...tak cantik la.macam kampung" hani cmplained
"tak larat mak nak pi angkat yang kaler koko tu hani oii"
I pon naik atas..3 minit kemudian...
"ok ka?" karpet sudahpon berada di tempat yg diingini
"Kay ni superwoman ka? gagah dia ni" remaked hani's mom
me: =.='

Finally, Hani make-up-ing herself
"erm,u try la this..and this..and this.."
me picking up the brush and without realizing...TADAAA!!!! *yeap..i did that*

it was truly memorable..and i'd like to thank hani,her family,chopbon and of course petite for such great company..wud go back ther anytyme if i can do so..huhu

Kay Kamal


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