Sunday, December 26, 2010

Im In...

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We just got back from a series of tiring events.

Kahwin Frenzy --> Singapore --> Perlis --> Induction and BTN 
all in only 3 weeks span! Penat weh

Im sorry tak sempat nk update and itl b sometime til another update

We got posted to Hospital Temerloh. so if u are anywer close, just alert me okay!

Till then, im sorry for the weddings we are unable to attend. Real sorry... Our new life has started (as Housemen i mean) and most prob akan busy.

N i thank all u peeps for ur prayers and patience. Me loves u all !!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Tandang Review Series: Cards

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Happy bday my LOVELY husband! And if tade aral melintang, by now we shud b in UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SINGAPORE BEBEH!

Ade sekali je kan ckp pasal card tandang? lol..masa ni beriye je tapi alih2 lain pulak yg kuar. I memang takde kne ngene langsung ngn production of this card except that i was in the pic in the car.. kalo tenung lelame nmpak le.Cz mmg urusan tandang i tak sentuh LANGSUNG. Mama Luqman yg wat sume.

So he has 2 ver of the cards. 1 for the younger generations (card 1) and 1 more for the more mature ones (card 2) . i loved both!

Cards are made here and they are fully recommended. Siyesly sgt mnarik pilihan card dier. Readily customizable and also pocket frenly too!

Card 1
A pic of us was taken by our beloved fren Pakwan aka Bini Num 1 Luqman cz he is like always ber-belangkas w him more thn i do cz sama group and lagi pulak housemates since Manipal. 
This card takde finishing pepe and it was from the DVD collection 

Ni draft

And yg da siap. Man kate ade sikit mcm dvd cover cite antu but i thk its cool.. lol~

Card 2
Ni lak from the Harmoni Collection chosen by his Mama and Abah. Well chosen cz they dun like jiwang-y stuffs and looks exclusive. 


Finished product. With matte finishing. they printed 500 keping each type of card (pricier this way but they were okay about it) and siap from drafting to post production in 3 weeks. They did an excellent job! cumenye sometimes susah sket nk cariik diorg kat kedai and multiple pembetulan has to be done. 

My fren wat kat c2 gak.. this entry i wrote on her wedding. Tapi since she sent it a bit late n got pressed for time. they forgot to apply the matte finishing. Her fiance turned groomzilla and managed to get it done.. aih la~

Overall the cards were great.. i love our cards both for Sanding and Tandang! (despite some bitterness here and there)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Nikah Review Series : Teaser

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Ni tak ramai yg da tgk cz ye la.. sape sgt yg dtg nikah aite? Well, dtg la gak dlm 150-180 org. Family Luqman je da 8 kereta. Hikz.

The nikah was done at 5pm. Rite after Asar. Ustz Khairil Nizam frm Pejabat Agama Daerah Klang was so supercool me likey! "he called himself ABG KADI sbb dier kate dier still muda. lol."

OPs, OVs and MUA sume dtg on tyme. Me likes again. BY 2.30pm sume da terpacak dpan pintu. I kabut sket hari tu sbb ade khatam quran sume. 

Pic lom really dpt from OP so mane ade i wat jd teaser dl, eh! Enjoi~!

I love my majlis. Like loves loves despite the odds.. =]

Wait up for more!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Post Wedding Potraiture

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For my post wedding we decided nk pakai bj modern satu and traditional satu. Pnat la kne tuka baju and bersiap sendiri cz tamau la hire MUA lagi. Mahal weh... hee gile cheapskate. 

So we hired one set of songket and a set of dress+ tux.

Pic amik byk tp edited ver sure la still tak byk aite~

Now let the pics do the talking. Taken by the talented Warnapiksel team!
(ni fb diorg : warnapiksel, Eman, Azman & Pie'e-he was d tagger of d day)

Remember this post?

By Eman 

By Azman

By Pie'e

Behind the scene (it rained Baaaaad masa tu.. seb bek tak dmm sume)

Overall i liked their work upto this. Yang other edited ver for sanding and tandang yet to b published. Almaklum musim mengawan hee~...

Remmber to check em out tau! And say u dpt info from Kay Kamal.. ngee~

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How to CORRECTLY Wear the Condom

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P/s: ini entry 18 SX.. if ready n takde nk terasa or hav any bad impressions on me bole bace, if tak sila jangan. TQ

Ok, it is now proper for me to talk of this since da mula ada pengalaman *blush* but this is serious matter. Ramai yg accidentally ter-conceive eventho the couple not yet ready financially, emotionally and physically. So it can cause a tremendous amount of distress to the couple. And this can affect the child too. 

So contraception is strongly advised at ALL times in cases like these.

Check out my frens' nye pengalaman.

 Like me and Luqman, we are unable to provide for the baby  if we were to have one within this 1-1steng year ni cz of the demanding nature of our future jobs (housemen) and also the lack of time and attention the newborn may (or may not get). Also, if i get pregnant and bersalin, nk amik cuti sume.. i will hav to extend me living in the hospital limbo.. blerrgh~

And also my preggy HO frens kate dun mimpi la nk dpt days off (or good hours off) cz so wat u preggers, u be on ur feet 20-22 hours a day and dats it! And of coz tdo 2-3 jam je. Sian weh anak aku cmtu. Dahla zat tak cukup maknye tak sempat makan,xsmpt rest.. mintak simpang..I obviously wanted the best for my (insya-Allah) future child.

Anywho just a word of caution:

Check the labels, JANGAN pakai yg da expired. Latex dier rosak koyak kang.

Then beforehand make sure ur hubby takde allergies to latex (u too) by doing a patch test 12 hour prior and look for signs of gatal2 naik ruam etc.If allergy, try finding a polyurethane one or alternative contraceptives.

Always keep ur condoms in a dry, cool place. Like jgn la ltak dlm keta yang parking tga2 panas terik. Condoms hates heat. Keeping one in ur handbag and ur hubby's wallet seemed a good idea "in case emergency urges crop up"


1) use the same condom twice
2) using petroleum based lubes like vaseline (use water based like KY jelly and Durex' Play series-these are most widely available and affordable too!) cz it will weaken the latex tu.
3) double layering ur condom. Dun thk double layer means more protection, u will cause friction between em and they r prone to tear up.
4) have long figernails wen handling em or using the teeth. like duh~

So step-by-step:

1) make sure ur hubster is FULLY erect. Tear open the packet carefully and if he wants an extra ummpph, u can masukkan ONE drop of lube on the inner side before pakai kan to him.

2) Pinch the teat. This will prevent air collection which can bubble up and cause it to burst open when extra pressure is applied, like an over blown balloon. Also this is the place for the semen to collect later on.

3) Slowly unroll it onto the shaft whilst STILL pinching the hujung. this will ensure a good fit.Roll down to the base of the penis tau.

4) After ejaculation, dun stay in for long. (10 saat ok lagi la) .. just make sure he is still rather hard and ask him to hold the base of the condom while pulling out of u. This is to make sure takde tertumpah inside u. Then slowly take out and wrap in tissue trus buang. JANGAN re-use. If nak sambung lagi satu session, tear open a new piece, ok.

As for choices of ribbed dotted ke ape ke.. i cmpared and honestly i thk MEMANG ADE rase diffrent. Dotted one paaaling intense. Ribbed is one step higher sensations thn the plain ones. 

However my hubby say even the Durex extra thick ones pon dun feel as much diffrent as compared to without wearing one. Its the position at the moment that makes the diffrence the most.

So guys, mmg takde alasan tamau pakai okay.. sayangi la isteri kamu. 

If malu nk bli kat kedai or amik free kat Klinik Kesihatan Kerajaan (yes, u bole daftar and amik provided ada surat nikah yg sah) ..bole bli online 

So stay safe and have fun,ya! Hee~

Credits to:

Monday, December 6, 2010

Sanding Review Series : Teaser

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I knw its been a while and some of u peeps da tgk pon my sanding nye review from Elya , Sk, Zaila and also Kina. Other bloggers dat were around includes Ann, Acik,, Zara, Jaja and Nasyrah (tapi mereka tade buat review.hee~)

Sorry i was busy for my Tandang and also busy learning to b a wifey.. hehe

Since pics from OP mmg lom dpt sbb gtl nk wat post-wedding session the next 2 days la apa la... diorg pon tak smpat nk edit.. so mane yg ade dulu la eh.. hee~

I had fun on my sanding day. Memule da nk nangis sbb tertinggal my hand bouquet which are made from fresh white lilies and pink roses dlm fridge kat rumah. My sis the MOH knew abt it cz she was the one ltak dlm peti but pagi tu kabut sbb bgn lewat (mlm pas nikah tu g dewan for rehearsal so tdo lmbat) and satu umah kabut hell! like HELL...

Pastu nk nangis lg sbb keta pengantin tak sampai tepat masa cz tayar terpancit and the Sg Besi nye tol jammed up lak so we had to berarak mcm bese je.. kire gimmick tak menjadi la..

Tapi my Pre-wed OP Shafeeq cheered me up (eventho he was NOT on duty hari tu.. he came as a fren =] how sweet )  and made me feel so much better...  (n Luqman's cousin-in-law, Abg Shaiful is a good motivational talker too) 

Point here is dat...No matter hw much prob yg dtg hari tu. be it dilanda banjir sampai lutut pon, senyum je... cz it is ur day and that the pics taken will b seen again n again sampai bila2. So put ur best smile forward. ok..

Anywho~ here goes nothing! 

More to come!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Save The Date...All are Cordially Invited

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*sticky entry*
pls scroll down for latest entries

Formal invites to follow



Hehe ini "save-the date" buat sendiri saja...kepada anda2 yang berniat menghadiri majlis kami (esp sanding), do leave me ur email address so that formal invites can be sent to you.

I thk 4 months is NOT a long time to go...*freaks*

and please doakan Me,Luqman and all our fellow batchmates pass our final exams and emerge as qualified doctors Oct ni..ameen..

Friday, December 3, 2010

Nikah Review Series: Shoes

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Sometime back i blogged about custom-making my shoes for both nikah and sanding but nmpak gaya my sanding one tak jadi nk wat cz apparently i chose a Jimmy Choo Design so obviously agak impossible nk wat kan.. hee~

So off i went to my sis and in Bandung.. we got it then!

In which afterwards i made a sneak peek.. hee~

and sgt berbaloi my kasut bergaya sakan hari tu uolls.. senyum je dier dpan camera ber solo mostly.. hee

Then i went the extra mile and customised it it more to suit me.. hee tau la Kay Kamal kan gtl tgn... so... jadila~!!!!

Painstakingly done by susun-ing the rhinestones satu.. satu.. okay.. but it really was worth it! me likes~!


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