Monday, December 13, 2010

Tandang Review Series: Cards

Posted by kay kamal at 10:10 AM
Happy bday my LOVELY husband! And if tade aral melintang, by now we shud b in UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SINGAPORE BEBEH!

Ade sekali je kan ckp pasal card tandang? lol..masa ni beriye je tapi alih2 lain pulak yg kuar. I memang takde kne ngene langsung ngn production of this card except that i was in the pic in the car.. kalo tenung lelame nmpak le.Cz mmg urusan tandang i tak sentuh LANGSUNG. Mama Luqman yg wat sume.

So he has 2 ver of the cards. 1 for the younger generations (card 1) and 1 more for the more mature ones (card 2) . i loved both!

Cards are made here and they are fully recommended. Siyesly sgt mnarik pilihan card dier. Readily customizable and also pocket frenly too!

Card 1
A pic of us was taken by our beloved fren Pakwan aka Bini Num 1 Luqman cz he is like always ber-belangkas w him more thn i do cz sama group and lagi pulak housemates since Manipal. 
This card takde finishing pepe and it was from the DVD collection 

Ni draft

And yg da siap. Man kate ade sikit mcm dvd cover cite antu but i thk its cool.. lol~

Card 2
Ni lak from the Harmoni Collection chosen by his Mama and Abah. Well chosen cz they dun like jiwang-y stuffs and looks exclusive. 


Finished product. With matte finishing. they printed 500 keping each type of card (pricier this way but they were okay about it) and siap from drafting to post production in 3 weeks. They did an excellent job! cumenye sometimes susah sket nk cariik diorg kat kedai and multiple pembetulan has to be done. 

My fren wat kat c2 gak.. this entry i wrote on her wedding. Tapi since she sent it a bit late n got pressed for time. they forgot to apply the matte finishing. Her fiance turned groomzilla and managed to get it done.. aih la~

Overall the cards were great.. i love our cards both for Sanding and Tandang! (despite some bitterness here and there)


anaztasias aira on December 21, 2010 at 12:34 PM said...

nice card !!! kereta look classic hehe =)

K.I.N.A on December 22, 2010 at 11:39 AM said...

wah..ada 2 version

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