Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wana's Big Day, Childhood Memories Revisted

Posted by kay kamal at 8:18 AM
Im having a superbad headache so ill just get on with this real fast and banyak pics instead of words..

Pls note that this is entry tertangguh cz i have been rather busy lately..exams approaching

anywho~ its my 1st time to this dewan and thank god urs truly yang terkenal kaki sesat negara made it safely the 1st shot.. i strongly suggest penanda arah and banners to help aid the seriously..

Restu rezeki yang semakin murah rezeki...bgs2..

Theme pink white not

Ini cake i tak sempat rasa cz i was in a hurry to leave to Paan's baby shower (later ill talk more on that)

Pelamin rumah yang di ubah suai biar nmpak sesuai for dewan


Live band...i would like to remind people who are hiring live bands...pls remmber to tune down the volume a bit..terpekik2 kami nk bergossip

Finally...pengantin a wee bit late

Acara penting num 1

Acara penting num 2

Kengkawan lama from skool..from left Ila, Me, Wana's hubby (ahmad khairularifin), Wana the bride, Aainaa (b2b this weekend, OMG!) ,Juwai and has been a while since we met

To wana and hubby..u guys sgt comel la..kecik molek je.. I pray u both the best in life and thereafter. Semoga jodoh berkekalan hingga ke akhirnya.

Take care of my fren baik2 okeh!


Xora on June 23, 2010 at 8:19 AM said...

Kay, kawan kamu ni majlisnya takde walkway tapi cantik aje ye? pasal saya tgh fikir nak letak ke tak letak walkway. tapi tgk majlisnya, rasa cam kalau takde pun, tak apa.

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