Friday, March 30, 2012

Sekitar Aqiqah Khayra: Candy Buffet Review

Posted by kay kamal at 10:44 AM
Hasil gatai pungkoq my two younger sisters, maka terjadi lah impian yang tak sempat nak jadi masa nikah dulu. 

Zoom mari!

Mai tengok sat ada apa...
cake 2kg
gula gula botol susu
summi jelly
choc coins
chipsmore cookies
bubble gum


Cake is perisa Moist Golden Vanilla with Choc Ganache filling. Sedap woo!~

From the same maker of my nikah cake & sanding cake.

As for the other candies on the candy buffet table, we bought it here. So so many choices my sisters went beserk! 


As for the Halal marshmallows, u may recall this post. & as usual, service mantap & cepat. RECOMMENDED FULLY

In all, since we used bekas yang mmg sedia ade kat umah...
plus cake RM 120 
plus candies ~ RM 40
marshies ~ Rm 30
hasilnye , happy guests + good photos = priceless

Anyone up for a candy buffet? 


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