Monday, March 5, 2012

Review Series: Nikah & Sanding Makeup

Posted by kay kamal at 9:55 AM
I totally love my makeup! Like really!

Kak Linda was all understanding & masa test makeup pon da bole bncang ngn dier ape yg kite nk actually. So its nice la. Katekan ade brides yg tamau cukur kening, just gtau Kak Linda & she won't usik the brows but she will try to draw it out for it to look georgeous! Best kan?

She also did my henna but i wouldn't recommend her on henna (during my time a year back- tatau la kalo over the year she had more practice & has polished her skills, kan).

Makeup for Sanding vogue lebih sket. & suke the fact she managed to combine well the pinks & grays without making me look like a drag. haha

She can be contacted at 
012-239 7189
FB : Linda Ismail

Harga? Serious tak sure cz her service was bundled up with my wedding provider (Davency Wedding Studio in Jalan Ipoh in which ill talk more on later)

My tandang makeup was real good too but my MIL yg settlekan sume i din have the chance to ask her mane amik. hoho


cha on March 5, 2012 at 12:07 PM said...

i lg suka mekap bertandang u. so nice nampak seri seri sangat. tp mekap kt rumah u pn ok je :)

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