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Product Review: Snugg Baby Diaper Clucth vs The First Years Deluxe Fold & Go Diapering Kit

Posted by kay kamal at 10:53 AM
Reviews made based on my unbiased personal experience on using these items for at least a week each.
Items are bought myself so no sogokan or insentive yang I dapat,ye..sekadar berkongsi pengalaman.

Since jadik mommy nih ade2 je brg2 yang menggatal nak beli kekdg just for the fun of it. Tapi to me these 2 items can be ur total lifesaver.

Instead of bulky diaper bags, these serves as ur hip & trendy smaller counterpart. appropriately sized, they are here to stay . However as usual lah ade pros & cons each brand nih.

Snugg Baby is proudly a Malaysian brand catering trendy mamas & advocating natural parenting.
(priced at RM 50 + RM6 shipping)

However I bought mine at their reseller here
 (she is my hi-skool junior & is really prompt on answering ur doubts whatnots.)

The First Years is an all American brand with a wide range of products including my fav Breastflow bottles & many others - feeding, medicare, bathtime & potty training, u get me,kan..
(priced at RM 49.90 at a sale in Toys R'Us - usual price RM 59.90)

As u can see from the pic below, compared to a 5 Oz Autumns storage bottle, clearly the size of Snugg is a bit longer & wider as compared to TFY however it is flatter.

(ntah apehal la pic nih g terbalik la plak)

Material wise, Snugg's made of cotton which is customisable (meaning u can choose from their vast fabric library) & lined with waterproof lining on the attached changing mat.Pockets are made with cotton material as well. I custom made mine hot pink!(winks)

TFY however is made of a PUL like material on both inside & outside so it really is waterproof  & the pockets are made of mesh . Another plus point is that it has an outer zipper to store small items such as keys & a bit of cash if u are planning to only go to your nearest supermarket without bringing an extra purse or anything. However, they only come in two colors & u risk having the next person toting the same clutch u r having. How not cool...

The changing mat of Snugg's however is so blah as u only have it in plain ol white as compared to TFY's..lihatlah!

Plus points for both, they are equipped with a snap velcro to enable u to secure it to ur stroller making it uber-stylish!

Both are also single-hand operable making it easier for u to deal with ur tak-boleh-duduk-diam toddler/infant

These are the items i'm stuffing into both these clutches to make comparisons with.
One 6-9mo sized rompers, 1 packet new unopened 30 sheets pureen wet wipes, 1 minyak telon, 1 bottom balm & 2 diapers (1 mamipoko & 1 pureen economy, both size S)

Here's how they fare

I liked the fact that TFY uses mesh that will dry up fast on wetting & u are able to see the things u stuffed ha cons dia.. the fact that the openings are to the side, the contents tend to slide out of the diapering kit eventho it is tightly cloed esp slippery stuffs like the wet wipes.

Snugg takes an upper hand on space available for more stuffs ( i thk 3-4 diapers pon boleh muat ) & they made the pockets facing up, the likelyhood nak jatuh tu is waaaay reduced. However since it is solid (notmesh), we are unable to see whats inside & also if it is wet, u will have to air it quite a while to dry it out.

As for closure, TFY uses velcro of adjustable length.The closure is easy & mantap. Takde terbukak2 accidentally

Snugg's closure system is using this getah/elastic band instead. While it is useful, it is not the best one for me as i feel it sometimes slips off whenever i sometimes stuff it inside my bag.

After tightly closing the kit , it is seen a lil on the bulky side, however since it is not that wide compared to Snugg's it is well compensated


However due to the wider space the bag is able to provide, the contents seems flatter when well closed.

I still love both my Snugg & TFY . Totally having no intentions to let go any of em. Maybe will be using them interchangably, according to mood. Both are pink, tho, my hubby will find outings alone w this not so exciting for him.

Tapi Luqman has his Papabag from Simple Dimple in which i will review sometime soon.

So, mana satu pilihan anda? Tepuk dada tanya selera ;)


aThidEaN on April 2, 2012 at 8:17 PM said...

Nice review.thanks kak kay=)
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♥ balkidz_hunny ♥ on April 3, 2012 at 2:16 PM said...

mentang2 kau tgh pantang! kemain lagi update blog huh? HAHA. same design dgn aku. malas aku nak update! tapi kesian athi. nanti lah!

kay kamal on April 3, 2012 at 4:34 PM said...

Amboi jeles ka? Haha. Bg la chance, da setaun mendiam. Hoho. Btw, esk kuar tutorial cmne nk pki wrap yg bole julur kaki bby kuar. Huu.. Meh la bli satu. Pki same2. (bila la nk jmpa tuh)

Anonymous said...

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