Monday, September 20, 2010

Paan's Baby Shower, Mommies-2-B & Aunties-2-B Only (retrospective)

Posted by kay kamal at 10:19 AM

Mmg dosa gile byk ngn paan cz dier da bersalin siap baby da bole babble2 baru i nk taruk entry ni. Ni sgt lama da kot but still worth sharing cz nowadays kan people sgt rajin wat baby showers. Like a new trend. My dad tak bagi i wat so takle expect me do la eh. Cukur jambul insya-allah akan ade. Ngee~ *berangan je lbih,chis~!*

Anywho, lets go on.. setup yang comel. Sume Acap/Ahmad Asyraf her wonderful hubby yg watkan. In fact this party was his idea!

me loves the diaper cake! Paan's sister hadiahkan.. so comel~

Signature board. I liked the idea. Pastu she framed it up n put in the baby's room.

Food toksah kata. Paan and Acap are femes as people yang suke lavish tetamu w food. TQ sweethearts!

The Mommy and aunties.. tak sangke suda gile tua! All are required to wear white.

There were games! Ni one of it. The mommy Quiz.. i din score dat well.. sigh~

Ni i aced it. menang tu~

And this.. gosh i wished i never was SUSU KAMBING yang totally rasa macam kambing! u can feel a kambing tak mandi inside ur mouth masa u telan. Ni sape telan paling cepat menang. Obviously i kalah.. sume org gile kejar minum air fruit punch pastu cz tak thn rasa dier. Naseb takde tersembur

Ni lak kne teke ade ape dlm the Baby basket which has been made a family heirloom. Her mom used it since anak 1st and her sis used it too! Now its her turn.. cool kan? and the rattan basket nmpak sgt vintage and martha-sterwart-ty. Ouh, i menang yg ni..hehe *hasil berada dlm wad bersalin selama 4 bulan masa 3rd, 4th and 5th year med skool*

Ni game paling lemah... u hav 2 tiup the balloon so dat ur pinggang size+ balloon shud b closest to the mommy-2-b's... see my balloon ther? her 8 months + size was my 4 months nye size! damn im so super-besar!

Ni hadiah for the games..sonok~~

Mommy and aunties in baby's room. Daddy painted it in a day! and daddy put up the crib in record time too!

Door gifts. Really iseful sewing kit inside. macam tau2 je i needed one. hehe

Masa pulang! Siap tapau food lagi. Kekenyangan sampai ke malam si perut besar ini... yang baju putih bertudung, bukan si kenit biru.


The newborn Adam Ahmad Asyraf!

his latest pic with his proud they grow sooooo fast!

Again, congrats mommy and daddy to handsome Adam. Sorry i tangguh entry ni gile lame. As usual Kay mmg byk alasan.. ampun T_T


farahfatihah on September 20, 2010 at 11:25 AM said...

wahh sweet la ..laa baby dah kuar pun hehehe xpe, jnji post...

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