Monday, April 9, 2012

Other Wrapper Parents

Posted by kay kamal at 10:31 AM
Moby wrap, Boba wrap & latest Khy-Wrap (ewah) is taking the babywearing community by storm!

Mmg skali skala org still memandang angkat kening sebelah whenever i bawak my Khayra around in my Khy-wrap tapi keselesaan mommy & baby adalah sgt berbaloi all the funny looks.

Tapi most of the time it becomes a conversation starter esp kat Klinik Kesihatan masa her monthly checkup. In fact I was in the Klinik for like 5 JAM & Alhamdulillah tak lenguh langsung!

 Tgk sume mak mak & abah abah bwk stroller or car seat cum carrier tapi sumenye end up dukung anak masing2 & pastuh sume dok mengurut lengan cz lenguh amat. Siap ade yang memandang jeles kami berdua tido ngn nyenyaknye, hoho.

Enough about us....

Look at these other hot Mamas & Papas! & read on their pengalaman

If interested,

Harga RM 80 per piece.

(not incl postage ye, RM8) ,
 barely balik modal je.
 Just because I wanted so much to share with u guys my love for the wrap!

 Pls mail me at 
or text me at 019- 667 2506
or pm me at FB : Kay Kamal
or like page: Khy-wrap baby carrier


izzah azfar on April 10, 2012 at 10:34 AM said...

eh ada entry akak!

siap boh gambar lagi untuk promo ye?

kay kamal on April 10, 2012 at 4:13 PM said...

uhuhu...memarabatkan babywearing,kak..

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