Monday, December 21, 2009

My first entry

Posted by kay kamal at 5:30 PM

I have been waiting for a while to be able to finally start writing this. As an introduction, this blog is for me to say anything however stupid or informative i want about my coming big day. yes,it seems like a looooong way to go but i guess it bettter than not starting, kan?

Also,ill add some of my 2 cents worth of thoughts on things i feel can benefit some of my readers in any way. U may find some personal unrelated r free to skip those.

My entries are going to be both in english and malay so i hope no comments yang sakit hati about my mixture of word usage,okay..

Anyway, just for intro-sake..


a final year Medical student who is struggling to make her ends meet..and to add to the insult a wedding to plan. People may wonder, "still studying,y so fast wanna get hitched?" lemme answer dat. In order for us to be in the same hospital during our houseman posting,we have to be a legal couple (and actually memang kami da gatal pon..haha) and we want the emotional support we give each other all this 4 years of being together to continue.I'm very easy to be friendly with and I'm crazy protective of things and people I love (siapla kalo ko try..warning awal2)


about the same story as above (gile pemalas ko ni ,kay)but he's a much2 milder version of me in terms of temperaments.but a little too shy to simply be as frenly as urs truly..

so,i guess dats all for intro.tx for stopping by!

Kay Kamal


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