Thursday, December 24, 2009

Lovely Bones

Posted by kay kamal at 12:20 AM
It occurred to me (while doing my ortho senior clerkship logbog) that most of the female patients aged 50 and above suffer from what make me think this topic is important? on~

You see, as we grow older..our bone density lessens which is why we are prone to osteoporosis. This is especially true in post-menopausal women (ladies yg sudah putus haid) since the protection of estrogen is lost to a significant level the bones cannot cope with it.

You must be wondering..hey! i have 30 years to think of that, y bring it up now?

This is where everybody and i mean EVERYBODY gets it wrong.Thanks to the Ads and the media. If we are taking in our Anelene's wen we are old (eg: Anelene Gold) mind you, by then it is almost TOTALLY useless. And y is this?

When we are young (peak is 25-29 years old) is the time that our bones suck up all the much needed calcium at its best. And this is ur baseline level for ur bone density. Its pure logic, wen ur baseline is high,wen it goes down,it doesnt go down as much as people who has minimal reservoir of calcium packed into the bones. Maybe its more understandable with the graph below..*i drew it myself!*--> click to enlarge

So now you understand? Since osteoporosis presents many complications including fractures on jatuh sikit2 pon (trivial fall) and the medication used brings a higher chance of the patient kene breast cancer..isnt it better to prevent it rather thn trying to cure it (in which memang sgt susah n almost never without complications).

After bace panjang2 ni..ape yg I nak you all tau sebenarnye?

Well,its simple.While you are still young, go and eat as much as dairy stuff you can get your dainty fingers on..tak kesah la..susu,yogurt,dadih, cheese,lassi drink, calcium tablets..watever..just dun start is in ur early 20's and throut ur life.

Personally I drink about 400ml milk per day and almost a daily serving of cheese (in my sandwich) and also yogurt as my lunch. So ,tunggu ape lagi..on ur marks,get set, got milk?

And honestly, what is NOT to be loved with this ad (and gorgeous mother of 4!)

Kay Kamal


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