Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merisik...When It All Starts

Posted by kay kamal at 10:01 PM
I knw this is a little late but i wasnt ready to show these pics to the world yet..so,apa itu merisik?

Merisik basically is for the groom-2-b's family to checkout whether the girl is taken or not. In my case,it is supposed to be completely obsolete cz in the 1st place I have been going out w the sam person for like 4 years!! Sape lagi la di hati kalo bukan cik abg sayang oii~

Masa zaman dulu memang logic la cz anak dara mana la kuar umah. Duk la elok2 masak,menjahit,blaja agama..nowadays separuh the gurls dun even knw how to masak nasik goreng..bole abaikan la redang daging da nasik dagang (ye,saye org ganu). So,i guess im a good catch (ok,kay..u can stop merapu now)

So, anyway..my merisik went on anyway and it was really simple.rather informal. Specifically the date was..jap2..lupa pulak..*checking photo details*..ohya, 5 Dec 2009..

Did i see anybody menggeleng? Laa...tak caye lak..fine2..amik ko some pics to buktikan..hehe..

The hi-tea table setting

Me mom and aunty

Me dad and cousin

Me (pardon the cam-whoring..i cudnt resist)

Menyarung cincin risik

Closeup menyarung

Me and Luqman's Mom (the word future MIL still havent sunk in)

The two fathers

Closeup of the ring

The big(ger) family..sorry yo n elish takde..

Now u blv me? Well,dats all for nw..tx for stopping by!

Kay Kamal


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