Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Elly-Johan's Red-Black Reception

Posted by kay kamal at 10:09 AM
ENTRY TERTANGGUH cz beruk band tamo load pics  >.<

notice: my DSLR habis battery went to i-city the nite before.. (balik kol 4 pagi weh) so gambar from not a good quality..sigh~

Reporter anda hari ini ialah..Kay Kamal and Elish Kamal!

1st off heartiest congrats to our newlyweds Elly n Johan! U guys rock!

2ndly..im so not a Putrajaya person i practically ran in circles..lol

3rd...whoever saw their wedding passport wudnt miss this event for their lives! Cmon, bape org sgt ade idea gile best wat card kawen cmtu aite?

Anywho, since i got lost, i missed on bloggers like Ann and too early to leave (i actually left at 4+pm) and missed Zara and Aziraarif

Masa i sampai tu org beratur paaaaaaanjang nk makan.. like paaaaaaaaanjang sampai melimpah kuar dewan. Seb baik sempat nk merasa sebelum kehabisan. Ayam dier bes woo.. cumenye caterer dier mcm shortstaffed sket sbb agak kabut dari segi clearing tables and alsoo the food topup.

When we (me n my sis) arrived, diorg tga mkn beradab so the slideshow on their STD and pre-wed photos was on. I enjoyed it. I saw that the makciks n pakciks were entertained too!

Then masa diorg nk potong cake i practically ran and langgar kerusi semua org sampai kne pandang slack sbb nk make sure dpt at least one decent pic.

Then i went around amik all the smaller details.. u knw me..

pelamin (the girl insisted to be there..lol)

walkway (this type a lil unstable i realised ).. many terlanggar and it fell =[

door gift table setup

dining table setup (me capub in pic)

wishing tree table ( i dunno sapa itu)

bila akhirnya bertemu! wahaha.. lihatla.. i had to intro myself mcm dari syarikat mane je..

"kay kamal, bride-muse" lol..and she was really a character! boy was she so a delightful personality! malangnye mane la bulih nk sembang lama ngn the most sought after person of the day kot~~

we got this HUGE favor box.. tak sempat amik pic dlm tapi inside there were

1) cotton candy
2) popcorn jagung perisa durian
3) twiggies
4) wallet w a telur pindang inside (me loves loves telur pindang!)
5) soursop juice (the one packaging like capri sonne tu)

And really those cikedis brings back fond memories. Tq for making that happen u both..

And I wish u sweethearts great times ahead.. as I wrote on ur tree “a new journey has begun!” and I really hope that u’ll start this new life w bright smiles and loving hearts. Congrats lovebirds. May this will be forever.


iedayah on October 28, 2010 at 8:25 AM said...

wow..bestnye..byk btul doorgift..

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