Friday, November 26, 2010

The Solemn Bride

Posted by kay kamal at 9:26 AM
This is more of an informative entry, and it is a scheduled one. At the point of publishing, my khatam quran is under way.. insya-allah

My older folks melarang me to b myself on my wedding day(s). Its only prudent for a bride to be shy and composed all along. Senyum pon yg suweet (blueek~ sweetkah?) and dat dun teruja bagai atau terkinja2.

Maka, pls dun terasa if i cnnt b as havoc as i am d day u loverlies met me at Zaila n Xora. 

However, if da after potong cake sume tu bole kot jadik gile sket. AHAKS!

P/s: mini corsage at guestbook table and photobooth di bawah jgn lupa ye.. here is the dewan's floorplan just in case


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