Friday, March 30, 2012

Sekitar Aqiqah Khayra: Candy Buffet Review

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Hasil gatai pungkoq my two younger sisters, maka terjadi lah impian yang tak sempat nak jadi masa nikah dulu. 

Zoom mari!

Mai tengok sat ada apa...
cake 2kg
gula gula botol susu
summi jelly
choc coins
chipsmore cookies
bubble gum


Cake is perisa Moist Golden Vanilla with Choc Ganache filling. Sedap woo!~

From the same maker of my nikah cake & sanding cake.

As for the other candies on the candy buffet table, we bought it here. So so many choices my sisters went beserk! 


As for the Halal marshmallows, u may recall this post. & as usual, service mantap & cepat. RECOMMENDED FULLY

In all, since we used bekas yang mmg sedia ade kat umah...
plus cake RM 120 
plus candies ~ RM 40
marshies ~ Rm 30
hasilnye , happy guests + good photos = priceless

Anyone up for a candy buffet? 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Khy-Wrap Tutorial : Wrapping Up

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Remember i promised a Tutorial?

Okay, 1st up, fold the long fabric length wise, halving the width

Then find the centre (as marked by the Khy-Wrap label) on ur product and put the label on ur bellybutton as shown above.

Afterwards, cross one side of the material to the OPPOSITE shoulder as shown above. (front view) 

From the back, this is how it will look like.

Then take the other side & do the same for the other shoulder, making an "X" shape at the back. Make sure fabric stays as flat as possible on ur body. This is to ensure comfort (ye la kang nak sandar sume selesa la takde bunching up) & also is vital for effective weight distriobution so that takde sakit pinggang sakit urat later on.

From the front, this is how it will look like. 

Then, take the right side & slide it beneath the front panel as so.

Do the same for the other side.

Thjis is how it will look with both the right & left panel beneath the front panel.

Cross the right & left at the front panels as shown

Bring to the back & cross them again.

Bring to front  again (if small to medium sized & kain tu can cross over to the front again.)
Tie double knots & u r done!!

Harga RM 80 per piece.

(not incl postage ye, RM 8) ,
 barely balik modal je.
 Just because I wanted so much to share with u guys my love for the wrap!

Pls mail me at 
or text/whatsapp me at 019- 667 2506
or pm me at FB : Kay Kamal 

P/s: saya ke Vietnam 29 Mac- 2 April, will answer email/pm after/before so, okay... 

Monday, March 26, 2012


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Im unable to log into facebook until further notice so i may b hvg dificulties answering any pm's/wall shouts/comments.

Pls do mail me instead or text or sms. Tq much

Sunday, March 25, 2012

DIY : Moby Wrap Wannabe

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When i was preggers, i did many researches as i was interested in natural parenting, namely of breastfeeding, cloth diapering, babywearing & their importance.

Bukannye i do not have any strollers or carrier cum car seat for newborn but i'd like to have something compact , convenient & easy to handle. So i went typing "baby carriers" on google & 1st time gk pic ni i was hooked, lagi lak it was made trendy by celebrities like Sheryl Crow, along with Maggie Gyllenhaal, Brooke Shields, Ricki Lake, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Samantha Harris and Sarah Palin .

Moby Wrap is  a baby carrier consisting of a long piece of ultra-soft, breathable cotton. Toted as the most comfortable baby carrier on the market, the Moby Wrap is wrapped around the wearer to create a safe, custom-fitted and versatile baby carrier.
The wrap can be used for babies up to 35 lbs (15 kg) and is available in solids, prints, & designs.
Since a Moby can cost me upto RM 200+ each.. & truthfully its a little steep for us considering we are looking into nk pndah umah bagai.. Mmg kne DIY lg la ni.

So... Lahirlah DIY wrap yg dibeli sendiri at a fraction of the price.

The verdict? Moby wannabe sgtla comfy, tak sakit pinggang or bahu & my child tido nyenyak yang amat whenevr i pakai nih ok. 

Btw, Khayra is sebulan stengah & 4 kg by now. I have been using it since Khayra is 3 weeks old & it has been my total lifesaver when i had to move alone to banks & Jab pendaftaran negara to make her passport sume cz Luqman was working. 

It is also nnifty for evening walks since i need my exercise to hilangkan sume lemak2 degil. hoho

Pakai pegi mommy baby expo kat midvalley

Lihatla betapa comfortable nye Khayra tdo dlm tu

Kenduri kawen Intan at De Palma Inn Grand Ballroom

Berjalan2 cari pasal at Ikano Power Centre

Sambil berjalan dlm wrap sambil BF. Mudah, discreet & comfortable.

I am wanting to sell these to sesape yang interested dlm bentuk pre-order.
Ada byk printed ones, material i found baru yang much waaay better thn the one i hv been using before. 
Made from 95% denim cotton + 5% lycra, so this wrap is like a cross between Moby Wrap & a Boba wrap. How cool ,kan!

Harga RM 80 per piece.
Tutorial i will put up later. And.... sehingga  20 April, sesape yang beli akan dapat 10% diskon!
ONLY RM 72 per piece (not incl postage ye) ,
 barely balik modal je.
 Just because I wanted so much to share with u guys my love for the wrap!

Ni some designs yang korang bole pilih. & trust me not only they are functional, they are super-fashionable too! (im contemplating buying more.. hehehe

Pink leopard (small sized prints) -OUTTA STOCK

Green Leopard (small sized prints) - OUTTA STOCK

Turqoise Leopard (small sized prints)- OUTTA STOCK

Brown Leopard (small sized prints)

Black Starstorm (large sized prints)

Red Starstorm (large sized prints)

Green Starstorm (large sized prints)

Brown Starstorm (large sized prints)

Funky Polkas (medium sized prints)

Retro Polka (medium sized prints) - OUTTA STOCK

Classic Red Polka (small prints)

Classic Blue Polka  (small prints)


Brown Floral (small prints)


Green Floral (small prints)

So, ade mau order these in-stock Khy-wrap? 
(suka hati je kasik nama khayra + wrap. huhuhu)

 Pls mail me at 
or text me at 019- 667 2506
or pm me at FB : Kay Kamal

P/s: saya ke Vietnam 29 Mac- 2 April, will answer email/pm after/before so, okay...

Friday, March 23, 2012

Sekitar Aqiqah Khayra: Endoi Review

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As usual la kite DIY. Special thanx to my aunty for being so marvellous!
The endoi is a family heritae kot! Aged 18 years , the Graco automatic rocker has been the life savers for mommas in our family starting from my aunt. 
She then shipped it back to malaysia (from the US) so that we can all carry on using it.

Mommy & Khayra. Theme was purple & off whites. We didn't adhere much to the theme. hehe.masa mencemburui kot.

So we only had some good quality balloons (ni mmg penat woo nak tiup) costing about rm20 & some ribbons (another RM 30 ) & our old teddy bear & the kucing soft toy.

Bunga pahar beli kat Shah Alam, RM 50 for 100 pcs tak silap . Kelambu & bunga hiasan was recycled frm our bilik pengantin nye deco in 2010.huhu. 

Our star of the day, well behaved tdoq sepanjang marhaban. bgn 2x je thruout the event for feeding. Good girl, ank ibu..

Monday, March 19, 2012

Sanding Review Series: Wedding Consultant

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My wedding provider was the Davency Wedding Workshop. Masa tu (Dec 2009) me & Luqman pegi la PWTC nye Pameran Pengantin & then beberapa lagi pamerans before deciding on it. Masa tu kami dua belom keje lg so nk kawen disponsor parents berpada-pada la,kan? uhuhu.

Since my lappie da rosak & all the pics kinda died with it, check out this blog to tinjau tempat ye.

We took the Pakej Dewan costing us RM 4988 inclusive of :

-Pelamin 5 panel (if nak 7 panel kne tambah fulus sket)
-Aksesori pelamin such as kipas, alatan merenjis,bantal tgn pelamin 

-3 pilihan baju: 

I choose the combi of pink & grey for my Sanding. Inclusive of kasut & accessories but sumpah i tak suka kasut dier cz dah la empunya bdn ni kaki gajah (size 8/9 @ 40/41 depending on design), & diorg nye design sume jnis half shoe 2 inch heels.. boring la for me.

Also hand bouquet disediakan but dgn hebatnye my maid-of-honor sister tertinggal my white lilies (bole pilih bunga sndri) dalam peti sejuk kat umah!!! Stress gile mase tuh. seb baik my wedding coordinator, Aunty Halimah was fast to cilok some flowers yang buat decor tangga jadikkan bunga tgn. haha.

Actually the baju is from 2 diffrent sets but combined em cz again, my size nih susah nk carik. Nak kata slim, tak slim, da dpt lebar yg seswai tetbel senteng la pulak. Mau satu studio i tried on baru la ade yang berkenan. Hoho. 

One thing dat is nice about this studio is dat they allowed us to try & try & try.. tanpa byk mulut . huhu sgt sooka!

As for outdoors lak, we choose a modern pair & another songket pair. Inclusive of accessories.I love love this dress cz the intricate design n also the trimming effect (ewah~) . The head gears tu pon memula (for the dress)  Luqman cukup la tak suka..but i kept to my stand mau jugak. Tak nyesal sesaat pon. huhu. I loved it!

Memandangkan outdoor nih diambil 2 hari lpas sanding, so kitorg mls la nk hire MUA lagi (sbb duit pon tight) makanye kitorg dress up ourselves. Make up sume sndri. huhu. 

Luqman lpas sanding pon da pandai ikat sampin ala2 bunga tu. Jimat kami.. hehe

Pilihan Baju ade Lace, Songket, Gown & Costumes
however if korang ade nk wat baju ikut size & design sndri, bole bole.. sila tambah RM 1500 & ur dream baju will be done by their talented designers. Tapi baju tuh diorg simpan le.

- Photography & albums. 

Photography bundled for nikah & sanding. They have many photographers attached to the wedding workshop. I chose Shidi. He is a bit shy. No tepon pon takde bagi. Tapi pepun korang leh ask for portfolios. 

1 bijik 12x10 - 20 pages -50 pics
1 bijik 12x15 - 20 pages - 50 pics

frames+ foto:
1 bijik 20x32 
2 bijik 8x10

plus 100 keping 4R of ur choice.

Make up for Nikah & Sanding. Bole pilih ur own MUA based on their portfoilio provided they r free & trial makeup ade additional charge at RM 100. 

I chose Kak Linda. Check her work out in this post.

Overall services diorg memuaskan. Nk kate tiptop takde la.. bole bagi 7.5-8/10 in terms of services & barang2 sume . If pandai pilih & u r an early bird, Insya-Allah akn dpt yang baik.I was happy with mine.

Last I checked w Mr Lee (Oct 2011), harga pakej dewan da naik jadik RM 5888.00 

So if nak tau, better g sendri kat Jalan Ipoh or can call Mr Lee at 012-2138774

Btw, the studio is closed on Tuesdays. 

Satu lagi bnde nak bangga. huhu

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sanding Review Series: Door Gift

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Remember this post? Well, ini la hasil akhir nye. We managed to make like 3000+ of these. & guess wat. walaupon dijaga dgn baik oleh penjaga pintu kami, abes okay..abes! Menaning org yg dtg tu is about estimated! Alhamdulillah my majlis was meriah.

Paperbag itu mmg cheap & chic (hoho perahsan la pulok) tapi benar bab cheap itu. Sekeping packaging all inclusive i spent about 20 sen.

Apa pulak isi dalamnye?
Jeng jeng jeng ...(suspen tak?)

Sila lihat apa yang adik hepi sy pegang itu. tak nmpak? Ok anyway, it was marshmallows, beware most marshmallows tak halal tau. Kitorg ensure ones frm her are halal. We bought the triangle plastic tu & repacked all the marshies yg beli bulk berkilo kilo itu ( we bought like 60 kg kot ) & repackaging em took us like 2 months!

 Tapi takpe, marshmallows nye expiry date biasanya setaun dua. kirenya kalo start repackaging frm 6 bulan pon bole la. just make sure kedap udara otherwise nnt dier mengecut. 

We bought the twist , flower & jam filled ones. Sorry jam filled tak berjaya amik pic before packaging em

Bought em from Yusniza ( 012-352  5609/ 019-658 9729) at RM 28/kg - dijamin halal -& shipping tak igt lak bape.
 Servis dier mmg tiptop ar.Kalo order & byr arini, esok bole dpt la kalo ade stock. Best2.

Now my mouth is watering.. Daymn, nak marshies


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